Newswise — Chulalongkorn University Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology (PETROMAT) and Archanawat Co., Ltd., signed an MOU on research and development of plastic packaging innovations on November 13, 2023, at Meeting Room 201, 2nd floor, CU Research Building. Prof. Dr. Hathaikan Manaspiya, Director of PETROMAT, Mr. Ratchapan Panchatree and Mr. Pattapol Pothacharoen, directors of Archanawat Co., Ltd., represented their organizations in signing the MOU, which covers packaging design, raw material research, machine efficiency improvement, and plastic molding, as well as jointly developing university-level plastic packaging research to industry-level innovation R&D to produce products that are ready for commercial use.  



PETROMAT is a government-run agency acting as a link between universities and the private sector, and is the largest network in Thailand in petrochemicals and materials science. PETROMAT has conducted numerous research projects in related fields, including petrochemical plastics and bioplastics, with a technological readiness for commercialization. Currently, the Center is running the Hub of Talents: Sustainable Materials for Circular Economy, in collaboration with the government and private sectors, to research and develop sustainable materials innovations for based on the circular economy principles, including substitution, dematerialization, manufacturing efficiency, etc. In this collaboration with PETROMAT, Archanawat is ready to invest to further the research towards more tangible application.