By: Bill Wellock | Published:  

Across the country, students are starting a new school year. For many students, their return to math class comes with anxiety and frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Florida State University Associate Professor Robert C. Schoen studies how to improve mathematics teaching and learning at the elementary and secondary school levels. He is available to speak to media about this research and how it can help improve education in this crucial subject:

Robert C. Schoen, associate professor, School of Teacher Education and Learning Systems Institute

Schoen studies the impact of interventions in mathematics and statistics classes on teachers, teaching and students. The Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics named him the 2022 Kenneth P. Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year. He leads groundbreaking research that is identifying ways to increase student achievement and enjoyment:

“Mathematics — and especially statistics — is such an important subject. Early achievement in mathematics predicts later achievement in almost all subjects and success in college. Statistical literacy is more important than ever. It is used in nearly all aspects of business and science, and several of the fastest growing and highest-paying fields relate to data analysis. Unfortunately, so many people in our society have math anxiety and think they don’t like statistics. We are working to change that, and we are having success on a large scale in many Florida school districts. We now have ways parents and schools can help children make strides in math and mitigate math anxiety.”