GenPrime Inc., a leading provider of digital technology platforms and lateral flow readers, has announced the development of a new handheld version of its FDA-cleared diagnostic test reader. The new Reader, which uses unique image analysis algorithms to analyze clinical diagnostic tests, is battery-operated and tablet-based. Like its desktop counterpart, the new System can be enabled with any visual assay and is capable of interpreting color, shape, lines, dots and patterns. Results can either be stored in an on-board local database or integrated with a LIMS network.

GenPrime specializes in OEM and technology licensing relationships. Partnerships include Alere/Abbott, Ecolab and United States government agencies. Its CE-marked and FDA-cleared technologies are widely-deployed on a global scale in laboratories, hospitals and physician offices in both local- and web-accessed versions. 

GenPrime Inc. is a private company located in Spokane, WA.

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