Brisbane, Chicago, July 29

Newswise — Anteo Diagnostics, the inventor and develop of the Mix&Go molecular velcro surface chemistry is please to announce the launch of the Mix&Go based AMG™ Coupling Kit at the 2014 AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Expo in Chicago.

Anteo develops and markets unique surface coating products for the attachment of biomolecules to synthetic surfaces for the diagnostics and life science industries. Attaching fragile biomolecules to synthetic surfaces is a frequently employed process but conventional methods often damage fragile biomolecules, such as proteins, rendering them non-functional, Mix&Go’s unique mechanism of action maintains the proteins’ native 3D-structure and function.

Unlike traditional covalent attachment chemistry or passive binding Mix&Go uses chelation and coordination chemistry to attach the fragile molecules to surfaces ranging from metal oxides to glass and plastics. The process can be compared to using the hook and loop structures of a double-sided molecular velcro. Dr Geoff Cumming, CEO, Anteo Diagnostics said: “An individual link is weak and cannot secure a molecule like an antibody. But many are able to securely bind proteins to a surface coating a strong yet flexible ‘glue’ So, our patented technology delivers a significant advantage because these bonds are flexible giving the molecules room to move and to settle without distorting their critically important native structure.”

Mix&Go Anteo is now releasing its first Coupling Kit to the market. It contains Mix&Go-preactivated one micron magnetic particles. The Coupling Kit is the third Mix&Go-based product Anteo has released this year. (1)

Dr. Rachel de las Heras, Head of Commercial Development at Anteo said: “Our AMG Coupling Kit makes it easy and fast for researchers to create functionalized particles. It saves up to 90% lab time and is extremely user friendly. No chemistry knowledge is required making our kit suitable for people who are new to working on protein coupling.”

Anteo plans to release more kits in its AMG line expanding to different type of particles and other surfaces.

Dr. Geoff Cumming said, “Mix&Go is a broadly applicable solution and these products are great way for researchers to experience the advantages of Mix&Go first hand.”


(1) in spring the company launched streptavidin-coated particles and microtiter plates to the market.

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