You’ve got a million dollar idea but you don’t have a million dollars to make it. Bring your idea here.


GoCreate, a Koch Collaborative, is a premier makerspace at Wichita State University. The space is open to creators and inventors of every age and background. It is part design studio, part industrial grade garage workshop, and part manufacturing plant open to the university and greater Wichita community. The 18,000-square-foot space offers sophisticated tools and equipment — beyond the reach of most DIYers — and expert training and a supportive community that can help make prototypes, projects and dreams come true.

In this video, Ty Masterson, the director of GoCreate, discusses the scope of this innovative workspace, and its various machines, such as the CNC Quilting machine for stitching textiles and DTG printer, which can be used to create full-color custom prints on apparel.

He also discusses their high-tech wood, metal and design studios and how members can learn from the experts in the mentor program about everything from furniture making to welding.

Through a significant contribution from Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation, GoCreate also provides membership and training assistance to qualifying applicants, as well as support for mentor fellowships.