In the wake of one of the largest data breaches ever, experts from the George Washington University are available to discuss cybersecurity from a variety of perspectives.

GW’s Flash Studio, a state-of-the-art broadcast studio, is available for remote, live, or taped television and radio interviews. The studio is operated in partnership with VideoLink.

Diana Burley
Professor of Human & Organizational Learning
Executive Director and Chair, Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

Dr. Burley is a global cybersecurity expert who regularly advises enterprises on strengthening their cybersecurity posture, managing cybersecurity risk, assessing human factors in the threat environment and developing a robust cybersecurity workforce. She has written nearly 80 publications on cybersecurity, information sharing and IT-enabled change; including her 2014 co-authored book “Enterprise Software Security: A Confluence of Disciplines.”

Scott White
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity
Director, GW Cybersecurity Program

Dr. White is a criminologist with an accomplished career in security. He was a commissioned officer with the Canadian Forces Military Intelligence Command (Department of National Defence) and worked for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Additionally, he has consulted with federal, state, provincial and municipal police services in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Connie Uthoff
Associate Program Director, GW Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management Program

Ms. Uthoff has written and lectured extensively in areas of national security, international relations and cyber concerns. She has participated in and led cyber tabletop exercises in the U.S and Europe and recently coordinated and presented cyber training in Spain to members of their new Cyber Command.