WASHINGTON (Mar. 4, 2020) – Approximately 37 million American adults have chronic kidney disease and many others are at increased risk, according to the National Kidney Foundation. March is Kidney Health Month and the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences has a number of experts who can speak on kidney disease prevention, overall kidney health, and kidney disease treatment and transplantation.

To speak with an expert at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences please contact Ashley Rizzardo at 202-994-8679 or [email protected]:

Keith Melancon, MD, professor of surgery, is medical director of the GW Ron and Joy Paul Kidney Center and the director of the Transplant Institute at GW Hospital. He can speak about kidney transplantation and care.

Thomas Jarrett, MD, chair and professor in the Department of Urology, he is available to speak about minimally invasive techniques for treatment for kidney disease.

Dominic Raj, MD, director of the division of renal diseases and hypertension and professor of medicine, is an expert in hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and hemodialysis. He is available to speak for stories about managing hypertension and improving outcome in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Susie Lew, MD, professor of medicine, is an expert in peritoneal dialysis and telemedicine. She can speak for stories about peritoneal dialysis and telemedicine.

Rohan Paul, MD, assistant professor of medicine, is a transplant nephrologist and is available to speak on high-risk transplantation and personalized immunosuppression.

Pedro A. Jose, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, is an expert in hypertension. He can speak about his research on personalized medicine, based on the patient’s DNA, for hypertension care, as well as salt sensitivity and kidney function