Newswise — Ithaca, N.Y.-- There's been a huge bump in the number of people connecting with birds and nature as people stuck close to home during this past year, and the trend is continuing. The perfect gift for new—and veteran—birdwatchers is the gift of knowledge. There's so much to learn about birds! Below are holiday gift ideas that are meaningful and environmentally friendly—and your purchase supports the nonprofit conservation work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Details and ordering information for the items listed below and for other gift ideas can be found on the Cornell Lab holiday gifts page
Joy of Birdwatching

This course for anyone who’s curious about birdwatching and just needs the tools to get started. After taking this course, you’ll have newfound appreciation for the birds that make your neighborhood special. Get the most out of binoculars, field guides, and apps, and gain essential tips and techniques for identifying birds! Learn more.

The Wonderful World of Owls

As creatures of the night, owls are harder to get to know than other birds. With world-renowned birder and ornithologist Kevin McGowan as your guide, this course delivers a friendly and comprehensive look at what makes owls so special and samples the exciting diversity of the more than 200 species of owls worldwide. Get the details.

Bird Photography With Melissa Groo

Learn how to take stunning photos of birds with award-winning photographer Melissa Groo as your guide. Designed for beginners, this course covers gear selection, where to find the birds, and tips on how to get the best possible image. Read more.

Can't choose? Get a gift certificate and let the recipient decide. View the Bird Academy catalog to see all the courses available.

Birds of the World

The Birds of the World reference offers comprehensive life history information on birds from every corner of the world. This authoritative, highly visual resource is for bird lovers who want to explore bird biology, ecology, and identification. Get Birds of the World.

Cornell Lab Membership

Cornell Lab members receive the award-winning Living Bird magazine, discounts on projects and courses, plus the latest birding news in a monthly eNewsletter. Give the gift of Lab membership by ordering online. A printable card for gift memberships is available to give recipients.

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