HUMAN’s HbA1c systems – ideal for small, medium and large throughput needs!

HUMAN’s HbA1c systems – ideal for small, medium and large throughput needs! 

June 18, 2019       HUMAN Gesellschaft fuer Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH | Booth #965

HUMAN’s Diabetes DX products help to ease and improve both an early diagnosis of diabetes, but also better diabetes monitoring and management.

Regardless whether this is to be done at the point of care, e.g. in a diabetes center or doctors office, with HumaMeter A1c or if the blood analysis is done in a specialized laboratory using HumaNex A1c: “HUMAN’s Diabetes DX products fulfill every need with highest quality and precision in combination with rapid results and easy handling” says Christian Busse, responsible HUMAN Product Manager. “The yearly successful NGSP and IFCC certification of both HumaMeter A1c and HumaNex A1c systems clearly reflects that they fulfill highest clinical demands as expected by our customers”, Christian continues.

Processing only 4 µl of capillary blood in less than 5 minutes, HumaMeter A1c is the ideal system for intuitive and accurate determination of HbA1c at the point of care or for small laboratories. HumaNex A1c offers affordable gold standard HPLC technology for highest result quality and precision. It provides an intuitive touchscreen operation, a completely automated workflow, a 50 onboard sample capacity and a barcode sample identification. HumaNex A1c represents a state-of-the-art analyzer for medium and high throughput determination of glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c).

HUMAN also offers the HumaSens2.0 glucose meter, which is approved for self-testing, for measuring the blood glucose level. The easy-to-use and precise application offers the patient a high degree of self-control, independence, flexibility and comfort, but is also liked by numerous healthcare- and lab-professionals.


HUMAN, founded in 1972, is a Germany based privately owned company which develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of IVD Diagnostics and laboratory equipment. The comprehensive portfolio of more than 400 products covers almost all areas of modern laboratory including Autoimmune and Molecular Diagnostics. With its strong network of partners in 160 countries and with six regional offices around the globe, HUMAN maintains probably the broadest distribution and service network, especially in developing and emerging countries.

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