Hurricane Experts at the University of Delaware

Dan Bautista, Director, Lasher Laboratory, Georgetown CampusTopics: Emergency poultry disease response, testing for poultry integratorsWebsite:

Stefanie Baxter, Geologist/Research Associate, Delaware Geological SurveyTopics: FloodingWebsites: steff@udel.eduPhone: 302-831-1576

Bill Brown, Extension Poultry AgentTopics: Damage to poultry houses, emergency poultry responseWebsite:

Wendy Carey, Coastal Processes/Hazards Specialist, Delaware Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service Topics: Rip currents, beach erosion, hazard mitigation and preparednessWebsite:

Amy Lynn Cowperthwait, Resource Simulation Center Coordinator, School of NursingTopic: Emergency NursingPhone: 302-831-4162Email:

Christina Basin Critical Zone ObservatoryUD and Stroud Water Center scientists will be collecting water quality and climate change data from Hurricane Irene. See attached media advisory.Shreeram Inamdar, Associate Professor, Plant & Soil SciencesWebsites: 302-831-8877Email:

Rachel Davidson, Associate Prof., Civil & Environmental EngineeringTopics: Risk management/decision making -- hurricane evacuation/sheltersWebsite:

Mark Isaacs, Director, Carvel Research and Education CenterTopics: agriculture, Georgetown responseWebsite:


Gordon Johnson, Extension Specialist, Fruit and VegetablesTopics: Damage/effect on agronomic crops, farmsWebsite:


Jim Kendra, Director, Disaster Research CenterTopics: Disaster planning; coastal hazards; risk perception/communicationWebsite:


Dan Leathers, State Climatologist; Co-Director, Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS)Topics: Emergency management, resource monitoringWebsites:

Sue McNeil, Director, University Transportation CenterTopics: Transportation IssuesWebsites: Phone: 302-831-6578

Kelvin Ramsey, Scientist/Geologist, Delaware Geological SurveyTopics: Historic hurricanes; geologic effects of hurricanes Website: 302-831-3586Email:

Ilka Riddle, Project Director, Center for Disabilities StudiesTopics: Disaster preparedness for people with developmental impairments Website: 302-831-8186Email:

Tripp Shenton, Professor and Chair, Civil & Environmental EngineeringTopics: Engineering hurricane-resistant housingWebsite: 302-831-2447Email:

Art Trembanis, Professor of Geological SciencesTopics: Storm impacts on coast and short- and long-term recovery along Mid-Atlantic, especially Delmarva. Will be doing pre- and post-storm aerial surveys of coast. Has studied nor'easters and tropical storms along East and Gulf coasts. Websites:

Tricia Wachtendorf, Assoc. Director, Disaster Research CenterTopics: Social behavior in disasters; coordination among organizations; Lessons from Hurricane Katrina; hurricane evacuation/sheltersWebsite:

Carissa Wickens, Equine Extension SpecialistTopic: Equine emergency preparednessWebsite:

Richard Wool, Professor of Chemical Engineering Topics: Engineering hurricane-resistant housingWebsites: