Newswise — Virginia Sisiopiku, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is available for interview via phone and/or live or taped HD interviews via UAB's News Studio through LTN Global Networks and ISND for radio. 

In addition, video can be downloaded here:

Sisiopiku's areas of expertise in regards to transportation services in Hurracane Irma evacuation activies include:

  • Transportation services needs under extreme weather events
    • Evacuations before, during, or after an event;
    • Delivery of emergency supplies and services, law enforcement, etc.;
    • Search and rescue operations; and
    • Transportation infrastructure repair;
  • Planning ahead for extreme weather events
    • When can you plan ahead?
    • What steps are needed for transportation disaster planning and risk management?
    • What tools are available to improve preparedness and response?
  • Challenges
    • Evacuation of vulnerable populations
    • Infrastructure failure
    • Orderly evacuation and return
    • Coordination

Media contact: Katherine Stephen (205) 975-3997, [email protected]