Milan, 16 December 2020 - The IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) along with Abbott and other six leading healthcare organizations across the globe including AACC, EHMA, Modern Healthcare, HIMSS, NAHQ, and IHE, is happy to announce the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program 2020 winners.

Foundational principles across all winning teams include “UNIFYING” across the care continuum for the development and implementation of “AVANT-GARDE” processes with measurable differences to clinical care. The 2020 submissions included hospitals, commercial laboratories, reference laboratories, clinics and rural community care. Applications included best practices across key areas of unmet needs with representation from every region of the world, spanning both emerging and established markets.

Following comprehensive judge review, the outcomes revealed 3 top winners, 9 teams of distinction, and 12 teams of achievement.

The program is made possible by eight leading healthcare organizations that have partnered together to inspire and recognize integrated clinical care teams who have achieved exceptional outcomes in healthcare. The founding program partners include the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), AACC, EHMA (European Health Management Association), Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE); each in partnership with Abbott Laboratories.

More details about the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program or 2020 best practices can be found on the program website at or follow on social media, including #UNIVANTS on LinkedIn.
The success stories are especially meaningful in 2020 during unprecedented times for patients, communities and healthcare professionals. They are definitive proof that there is a core of vital partnerships and healthcare providers that work together and accomplish better patient care. It is with great honour that we congratulate all participating teams while celebrating strategic activation and insights from clinical and laboratory medicine to achieve measurably better outcomes for patients, payors, clinicians and health systems. More details associated with each of the winning teams are available at:





The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award recognizes integrated clinical care teams that work together to achieve better health system performance through new technology, insights and solutions. These "Unifiers" have stepped up to drive collaboration and have demonstrated in exemplary fashion the following:

  • Avant-Garde in their approach to solving problems
  • Using lab intelligence to achieve measurably better outcomes
  • Transforming healthcare delivery with measurable impact to patients, clinicians, payors and entire health systems

The award program is open to all healthcare professionals and teams globally regardless of affiliation with Abbott or any partner of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program. All partners, excluding Abbott, evaluate submissions and select winners. For more information on the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Awards, the 2020 award winners, as well as the award application, visit


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