Newswise — An outbreak of listeria has been linked to foods packaged by a processing plant in Washington State has prompted a large-scale voluntary recall of frozen fruits and vegetables marketed under 42 brand names.

If you're covering the story and want to talk to a food scientist who is an expert in food safety, please consider Christine Bruhn, PhD, CFS. Dr. Bruhn is an Institute of Food Technologists spokesperson and Director of the Center for Consumer Research at University of California-Davis. Her research focuses on consumer issues in food safety and quality. She investigates consumer food handling practices, quantifies food safety concerns, explores consumer information needs and identifies preferred sources of information. Further, her laboratory investigates consumer responses to information about issues in the news that impact health and safety. Here's a video where she talks about listeria:

Dr. Bruhn is available for interviews on this topic as well as other food safety issues. Please contact Emily Behn at [email protected] to coordinate.