A plethora of timely topics

The conference offers more than 200 speakers on an incredible variety of topics, including:

  • Preventing epilepsy after stroke or traumatic brain injury
  • Movement disorders and seizures: How to tell the difference
  • Differentiating between sleep disorders and epilepsy
  • Newer treatments for drug-resistant epilepsy in children
  • How pandemic-driven telemedicine is changing epilepsy care around the world

As well as sessions about:

  • Driving laws
  • The latest in biomarkers
  • How to secure grant funding and get published
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding and epilepsy
  • The state of the art in epilepsy surgery
  • Living with epilepsy in Asia - people with epilepsy tell their stories

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Lower fees, and special rates for students and patient advocates

ILAE has restructured its congress rates to bring high-quality, international epilepsy conferences within reach of thousands more people! We have:

  • Lowered registration fees overall
  • Established sliding-scale fees based on country income level (high, upper-middle, and low/lower-middle)
  • Adjusted fees based on professional category, with exceptionally low rates for students, trainees, and patient advocates

Come see dozens of experts talk about the latest in epilepsy diagnosis, treatment, and research with no costs for travel, accommodations, transportation, or meals! (Well, you’ll still want to eat – but you get the idea.)

Sessions will be recorded and available to registrants for 2 months after the conference.

See registration rates and sign up now! Early registration discounts end May 14.

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