A caravan of refugees from Central America, working its way through Mexico in the hopes of reaching the U.S. border, has become a hot button issue in the Midterm Elections, and U.S. troops are being sent to the border in anticipation of the group’s arrival. Two professors who are experts in immigration law are available for comment and analysis of this issue to news media outlets.

Feel free to contact either professor below for comment:

PROFESSOR JOANNE GOTTESMAN is an expert on immigration law, with a special focus on immigrant children, humanitarian forms of immigration relief, and the intersection of immigration law with state child welfare and criminal justice systems.


Gottesman founded the Immigrant Justice Clinic (IJC), based in Camden, in 2012 after teaching at Rutgers Law School for a decade.  The clinic engages in direct representation, community education, and advocacy related to immigration law. She is the author of a practice guide on the immigration consequences of New Jersey crimes and regularly trains judges, lawyers, and other professionals on immigration law and its impact on non-citizens in the child welfare and criminal justice systems.

 Phone: 856-225-6448

 Email: [email protected]


PROFESSOR RANDI MANDELBAUM is an expert in child welfare law and immigration law as it pertains to migrant children and unaccompanied minors.  She is available to discuss the government’s recent policies with regard to the detention of immigrant children and families, the treatment of children and families at the border, and how undocumented children and families are being treated in immigration court and by the Department of Homeland Security. 


As founding director of the Rutgers Child Advocacy Clinic in 2000, Professor Mandelbaum designed and developed this unique clinical program, which is aimed at comprehensively addressing the needs of low-income children and their families. The clinic provides representation to foster children, undocumented immigrant children, and low-income children with disabilities

Phone: 973-353-3271

Email: [email protected]