The iPhone 11 is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, Sept. 10, but most will wait to buy it until the iPhone X has aged out, according to Binghamton University marketing expert Manoj Agarwal.

“Typically, Apple has a two-year product cycle, and this is the second year for iPhone X. So most people will wait for the next major improvement,” said Agarwal, professor of marketing at Binghamton University, State University of New York. “In addition, 5G will become much more popular by next year, so most consumers will not see any improvement in their online mobile experience this year, as 5G is still slowly being rolled out. I believe 5G may be incorporated into this year’s model.

Agarwal said that most people now wait to buy a new phone after their current device breaks versus at launch.

“Smart phone technology has now matured. Most smart phones can do everything consumers want, and in fact most consumers do not use probably even half of the capabilities,” he said. “So there is no need to replace these expensive phones. The phenomenon is similar to computers. Initially you had to upgrade every year or every two years as lots of new functionalities were being added. Today a computer is fully functional till it dies.”