“The need for greater bandwidth is pushing carrier frequencies higher and higher, and as they move from the GHz regime into the THz regime, emissivity and directivity become an issue,” states Dr. Joseph R. Demers, CEO of Bakman Technologies.

“In laymen’s terms, it is becoming less like the network router that bathes your home in wireless connectivity and more like a laser pointer that shines on only a very small area. We are very familiar with the challenges of working at THz frequencies. Our patent-applied-for, hermetic, low-cost THz photomixer packages incorporate an actively aligned Silicon lens which allows us to forego secondary optics in our THz spectrometers. While immediately applicable for our instruments, we feel that this technology will be relevant to data communications in the future.”

Bakman Technologies is a Los Angeles based company that develops and manufactures state-of-the-art THz components and instruments. Our portable systems are sold worldwide and can be used for multiple applications. We believe that just as the field of THz science and technology has made tremendous advances over the last two decades, not even the sky is the limit for future endeavors.

Look for our new and improved line of flight-ready THz instruments premiering this Winter.