Newswise — ARLINGTON, VA—CRDF Global, an independent nonprofit that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration, announced today that Jennifer Reichert has been promoted to Associate Program Director, Capacity Building. She will be responsible for continued support of the Department of State’s Partnership for Nuclear Security (PNS) program. Ms. Reichert joined CRDF Global in July 2010, as Senior Program Manager in charge of PNS. While at CRDF Global, she has also led support of the Department of State’s Chemical Security Engagement Program. Both of these initiatives improve awareness of best practices for security, safety and nonproliferation objectives, and foster collaboration among technical communities.

Ms. Reichert also led CRDF Global outreach to the nuclear energy community in support of an initiative to establish robust nuclear education in countries exploring nuclear energy. Her background includes over 17 years focusing on weapon of mass destruction (WMD) nonproliferation, supporting numerous executive agencies in capacities spanning international cooperative assistance programs, R&D and implementation, and threat analysis. Specifically, Ms. Reichert has managed export control and border security training; researched and analyzed terrorist nuclear and radiological capabilities; and managed high-profile multi-million dollar demonstration and implementation projects such as the chemical detection and response system in the Washington, D.C. Metro system. She is also pursuing development work on energy-related topics, including the shale gas initiative.

“Jennifer’s promotion is in recognition of her outstanding support of staff development and her leadership with the Partnership for Nuclear Security program, as well as her flexibility in changing roles,” said Dr. Marilyn Pifer, Program Director, Capacity Building, CRDF Global. “She will continue to play an even greater role in supporting our partners and funders, and in advancing CRDF Global’s mission of promoting peace and prosperity through science collaboration,” said Pifer.

Ms. Reichert holds an M.A. in strategic studies and international economics from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies; a certificate in sustainable business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute; and a B.A. in international relations and economics from the University of Toledo.

About CRDF Global CRDF Global is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 1995 to promote international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, training, and services. CRDF Global has nearly 20 years of experience managing international research funding programs and supporting emerging science and technology infrastructure in more than 40 countries in Eurasia, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.