Jerry S. Wolinsky, M.D.

Dr. Wolinsky will present the inaugural Kenneth P. Johnson Memorial Lecture during the opening session of the ACTRIMS Forum 2016, Feb. 18.

The lecture honors Dr. Johnson, who was one of the world’s leading innovators in multiple sclerosis research and treatment. He was a distinguished neurologist who was a leader in the movement to end multiple sclerosis for more than four decades. In 1996, he spearheaded the foundation of ACTRIMS®.

Dr. Johnson designed and conducted controlled, multi-center clinical trials to test treatments for MS. Hepioneered laboratory efforts to identify an infectious trigger of the disease. He also was noted for his focus on professional education in MS and his dedication to aggressive symptom management and rehabilitation to improve the quality of life of those living with MS.

Dr. Wolinsky holds the Bartels Family and Opal C. Rankin professorships of neurology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, where he serves as director of the MS Research Group and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis Center. Since 1983, he has focused on the design, implementation, conduct and analysis of clinical trials of MS and basic and applied research in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging analysis and MR spectroscopic imaging. More.

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