June 2022 Issue of Neurosurgical Focus: “Best Practice With Telemedicine for Optimizing Patient Care”

Rolling Meadows, IL (June 1, 2022). The June issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 52, No. 6 [https://thejns.org/focus/view/journals/neurosurg-focus-video/52/6/neurosurg-focus.52.issue-6.xml]) presents 10 articles and one editorial on current telemedicine best practices across the world.

Topic Editors: Franco Servadei, Katharine J. Drummond, Ann Stroink, and Jamie J. Van Gompel


As the Topic Editors discuss in their introduction for this issue, “This timely issue of Neurosurgical Focus addresses the goal of describing the best practices in telemedicine for optimizing patient care[.]”


Contents of the June issue:

  • “Introduction: Best practices in telemedicine for optimizing patient care” by Franco Servadei et al.
  • “The health economic effects of an imaging technology–based telemedicine system for rural neuro-emergency patient care” by Hirotaka Sato et al.
  • “Mobile internet-based mixed-reality interactive telecollaboration system for neurosurgical procedures: technical feasibility and clinical implementation” by Shiyu Zhang et al.
  • “Feasibility of smart glasses in supporting spinal surgical procedures in low- and middle-income countries: experiences from East Africa” by Fabian Sommer et al.
  • “Challenges and prospects of neurosurgical teleconsultations in a developing country: a reality check” by Narendra Kumar et al.
  • “Editorial: The role of telemedicine in countries with limited facilities: which peculiarities?” by Franco Servadei and Ismail Zaed
  • “Digital cognitive testing using a tablet-based app in patients with brain tumors: a single-center feasibility study comparing the app to the gold standard” by Vicki M. Butenschoen et al.
  • “Barriers and facilitators in the implementation of a telemedicine-based outpatient brain tumor surgery program” by Carla Mora et al.
  • “Real-time intraoperative surgical telepathology using confocal laser endomicroscopy” by Irakliy Abramov et al.
  • “Positive impact of the pandemic: the effect of post–COVID-19 virtual visit implementation on departmental efficiency and patient satisfaction in a quaternary care center” by Zach Pennington et al.
  • “Family-acquired photographs for the evaluation of pediatric head shape via telemedicine: an analysis of photograph quality” by Mitch R. Paro
  • “Inpatient virtual shared medical appointments to improve health literacy, increase patient self-efficacy, and reduce provider burnout in acute cerebrovascular pathology patients and their caregivers: a pilot study” by Uma V. Mahajan


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