Newswise — KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces an extension to the line of brushless DC powered NFB boxer pumps with the addition of two compact, powerful models. The new NFB 5 and NFB 25 feature low pulsation, gentle transfer of liquids from 5 – 300 mL/min per head, and cost savings thanks to efficient design and long product life.

The new NFB boxer pumps feature two heads driven by a single motor, creating unique advantages for OEM design engineers. In parallel connected mode, the alternating operations of the pump heads result in a smooth, even flow. This reduces the need to install additional components to minimize pulsation. Operating in individual mode, two different liquids can be simultaneously transported, negating the need for a second pump. Consequently, both modes offer cost-saving potential.

Both the NF 5 and NF 25 provide compact design, offering ideal flexibility for engineers who face the challenge of integrating pumps into often-shrinking designs. Driven by adjustable speed brushless DC motors, the pumps offer simple flow rate regulation, helping to reduce lengthy testing, while improving time to market.Using KNF’s well-proven diaphragm technology, the NF line of pumps transport the medium very gently, benefiting sensitive fluids handling. Additionally, flow path materials are available to handle chemically-aggressive fluids. With diaphragm technology, there is also no contamination from particles shed through abrasion, unlike, for example, with gear pumps. At atmospheric pressure the NFB 5 delivers 5 – 50 mL/min per head; the NFB 25 provides 50 – 300 mL/min per head. The maximum permissible pressure for continuous operation is 15 psig. Both pumps can operated at a maximum 9 ft. water of suction height.

NFB pumps provide a good size/performance ratio, with a long service life. To learn more about the new NFB pumps, please visit

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