Kristi M. Crowe, PhD, RD Kristi Crowe is an assistant professor at the University of Alabama.

• Food expertise includes: food chemistry, food safety, fruits and vegetables, functional foods, antioxidants and nutrition

• Several years in the food industry working in food product development and in the Test Kitchens of Southern Living magazine

• Background in research on bioactive food compounds focuses on the impact of environmental contaminants and food processing on the retention of bioactive phytochemicals, the impact of dietary phytochemicals, specifically flavonoids, on oxidative and inflammatory stress, and analytical method development for detection of phytochemicals in biological samples

• Recently co-authored the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper on Functional Foods

• Dr. Crowe received her PhD in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Maine where she held a prestigious graduate fellowship with the National Science Foundation