Newswise — (Toronto – December 12, 2017) With a transformational gift of $20 million to the Toronto Rehab Foundation, Walter and Maria Schroeder, along with their family, have established The Walter and Maria Schroeder Brain Institute. 

This donation represents the largest ever made to a rehabilitation hospital in Canada. 

The Schroeder Brain Institute will allow Toronto Rehab-UHN to build a collaborative group of multi-disciplinary experts in engineering and the clinical neurosciences, to develop new therapies for brain-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) and Parkinson’s. 

Brain disorders are among the most serious health problems facing our society, causing untold human suffering and enormous economic costs. They are also among the most enigmatic of all diseases, and our lack of knowledge about their underlying disease mechanisms is a major obstacle to the development of better treatments. 

By bringing together a community of leading scientists, the Schroeder Brain Institute will create an environment and a framework that will accelerate novel neuro-technological breakthroughs. “We are standing at the threshold of extraordinary advances in health care – the Schroeder’s philanthropy has just opened that door,” said Cindy Yelle, President & CEO of Toronto Rehab Foundation. 

The Walter and Maria Schroeder Brain Institute will support three vital objectives: 

  • It will help to lead efforts in advancing technology, through CRANIA (CenteR for Advancing Neuro-technological Innovation to Application) to further understand and treat neurological conditions. 
  • It will test and implement new therapies that may help to restore function for patients with disorders affecting the nervous system.
  • It will help to develop treatments and technologies that can be delivered to people regardless of their geographical location.

The Schroeder Brain Institute will be revolutionary in scope and effectiveness and help Toronto Rehab take the quantum leap to revolutionize brain science and help to maximize the lives of millions. 

The Walter and Maria Schroeder Brain Institute will be one of the most comprehensive and advanced programs of its kind in the world.