WHO: Scientists and leaders from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in collaboration with the Livermore Lab Foundation and ClimateWorks

WHAT: LLNL will host a briefing to unveil the new report “Getting to Neutral: Options for Negative Carbon Emissions in California,” which identifies a robust suite of technologies to help California clear the last hurdle and become carbon neutral by 2045.

The report details a thorough assessment of the advanced carbon reduction technologies now available, their costs, as well as the tradeoffs necessary to reach the state’s decarbonization goal.  The report includes a number of significant conclusions by researchers at eight institutions.  It serves as a resource for policymakers, government, academia and industry. 

California executive order B-55-18 mandates that the state achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and maintain net negative emissions thereafter. Achieving this goal would complete a chain of other ambitious statewide targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The LLNL study finds that, not only is carbon neutrality possible, but that California can once again be a global climate leader by demonstrating how to remove significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 30, 10:30 a.m. Report briefing

WHERE: State Capitol, Room 127, 1315 10th St., Sacramento, CA