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baby, Psychology, Words, Cognitive, Memory, Hopkins

Infants have keen long-term memory for words

Experimental psychologists have discovered that babies as young as 8 months are quite good at learning and remembering words.


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Thyroid, Cancer, Rh Tsh, Endocrinology

Genetically Engineered Substance Improves Thyroid Cancer Testing

A genetically engineered thyroid-stimulating compound may be used safely and effectively to screen for recurrence of thyroid cancer after surgery and cause fewer side effects than the traditional test, according to a national study led by two Baltimore physicians.


Purdue, Psychology, Communication, Relationships

Conversation an Active Element In Comforting

When you're upset, putting the hurt into words is probably the best thing you can do to get over it, says a Purdue University expert on communication.



Marriage, Wealth, Finances, Retirement, Assets, Benefits, Security

Purdue Study Suggests Marrying For Love And Money

A Purdue University study sheds new light on the old practice of marrying for money. "Marriage has a lot to do with wealth accumulation," says Janet Wilmoth, assistant professor of sociology. "Getting and staying married appears to provide institutional benefits that greatly impact long- term economic well-being."


Mental, Health, Advocacy

NMHA and Tipper Gore Recognize Rosalynn Carter with "Into the Light" Tribute for Mental Health Advocacy

First lady Rosalynn Carter was awarded the National Mental Health Association's "Into the Light" award for her decades of dedication to mental health advocacy. The award was presented at NMHA's annual tribute dinner in Washington, DC, September 25.


Parkinson's, Disease, Neurosurgery, Xenotransplantation, HIV, Testing, Teens

News Notes: Parkinson's Transplant Safe; Teen HIV Testing Rare

Notes in Brief: 1. A BU School of Medicine research team has deemed a transplant involving pig cells to be safe. The transplant is designed to treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and will shortly begin controlled trials. 2. Teenagers in Massachusetts are unlikely to seek HIV testing, although a majority believe that they are at least "a little likely" to become infected with the virus, a BU School of Public Health researcher finds.


Investments, wall, Street, Education, Financial, Career

Student-Managed Fund Marks 25th Year

Some managing directors and financial analysts on Wall Street learned their jobs as undergraduate and MBA students at Texas Christian University while overseeing one of the largest student-managed funds in the U.S. The $1.5 million student-managed Educational Investment Fund at TCU is the second oldest student-managed fund in the U.S. and among the top 5 in portfolio size. It has been in existence for 25 years.


Medicine, Technology, LIFE, SCI, Social, PHYS

New Scientist Press Release

Press release of issue dated 27 September for New Scientist, the international science and technology weekly news magazine


Photosynthesis, Water, Oxygen, Solar, Energy

MSU Research Sheds New Light on Photosynthesis

The process of photosynthesis -- the way in which plants convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen -- is much clearer now, thanks to research by two Michigan State University chemists. While other researchers have been able to hit upon only "bits and pieces" of the process, these two scientists were able to bring it all together.


Children's, Health, International, Adoptions, Psychological, and, Behavioral, Health, Cleveland

New Help for Parents Adopting Children from Overseas

To meet the special needs of both adoptive parents and their children, Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital has developed a new program called the Rainbow Center for International ChildHealth. Children who are adopted from overseas sometimes carry rare diseases, or have psychological or behavioral problems associated with neglect or deprivation common to institutionalization.

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