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Newswise:Video Embedded pediatric-scoring-scale-helps-surgeons-decide-whether-to-operate-during-covid-19-delays
Released: 27-May-2020 3:40 PM EDT
Pediatric scoring scale helps surgeons decide whether to operate during COVID-19 delays
American College of Surgeons (ACS)

Pediatric surgeons have modified an evaluation tool for use in pediatric patients that allows surgeons to prioritize operations during COVID-19.

Newswise:Video Embedded new-urine-testing-method-holds-promise-for-kidney-stone-sufferers
Released: 27-May-2020 1:30 PM EDT
New urine testing method holds promise for kidney stone sufferers
Penn State College of Engineering

An improved urine-testing system for people suffering from kidney stones inspired by nature and proposed by researchers from Penn State and Stanford University may enable patients to receive results within 30 minutes instead of the current turnaround time of a week or more.

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Newswise:Video Embedded modelling-confirms-isolating-the-ill-and-prioritising-remote-work-are-key-strategies-in-combating-the-coronavirus
Released: 27-May-2020 11:10 AM EDT
Modelling confirms: Isolating the ill and prioritising remote work are key strategies in combating the coronavirus
Aalto University

This release concerns conclusive results from a research project that was put together to model the potential spread of coronavirus through air particles in indoor public spaces such as supermarkets (

Newswise:Video Embedded fishing-less-could-be-a-win-for-both-lobstermen-and-endangered-whales
Released: 27-May-2020 10:35 AM EDT
Fishing less could be a win for both lobstermen and endangered whales
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A new study by researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) found that New England’s historic lobster fishery may turn a higher profit by operating with less gear in the water and a shorter season.

Newswise:Video Embedded chimpanzees-help-trace-the-evolution-of-human-speech-back-to-ancient-ancestors
26-May-2020 8:55 AM EDT
Chimpanzees Help Trace the Evolution of Human Speech Back to Ancient Ancestors
University of Warwick

Chimpanzee lip-smacks exhibit a speech-like rhythm, a group of researchers led by the University of Warwick have found

Newswise:Video Embedded covid-19-a-wake-up-call-for-the-need-for-new-antiviral-weapons
Released: 26-May-2020 3:00 PM EDT
COVID-19: A wake-up call for the need for new antiviral weapons
Morgridge Institute for Research

Even after heroic medical and societal efforts finally break the back of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the global sigh of relief may not last long. The chilling reality is that viral threats are growing more common. And they’re getting deadlier.

Newswise:Video Embedded dinosaur-dooming-asteroid-struck-earth-at-deadliest-possible-angle
Released: 26-May-2020 2:25 PM EDT
Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck earth at 'deadliest possible' angle
Imperial College London

The simulations show that the asteroid hit Earth at an angle of about 60 degrees, which maximised the amount of climate-changing gases thrust into the upper atmosphere.

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