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Newswise: Game-based learning platform will make education accessible to refugees
Released: 21-Oct-2020 10:05 AM EDT
Game-based learning platform will make education accessible to refugees
Wichita State University

A team of Wichita State University researchers is working on making education more accessible to refugee learners.

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Released: 21-Oct-2020 9:35 AM EDT
“Race and the 2020 Presidential Election”: A Diversity Discussion Featuring New York Times Correspondents, Oct. 27
New York University

NYU's Carter Journalism Institute will host “Race and the 2020 Presidential Election,” a virtual event featuring a diverse panel of New York Times correspondents, on Tues., Oct. 27.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 10:05 PM EDT
Addressing Teen Mental Health During the Pandemic
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

It has been more than seven months since the pandemic initially shut schools, raising concerns about the mental health of adolescents, says Ann Murphy, an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions at Rutgers School of Health Professions. As director of the Northeast and Caribbean Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, Murphy has been providing trainings and consultation services for school personnel across New Jersey, along with PJ Wenger, a senior training and consultation specialist at the Center who has been providing mental health first-aid trainings in schools. Murphy and Wenger discuss how the pandemic has impacted adolescents’ mental health and how adults can help.

Newswise: FAU’s A.D. Henderson University School Ranked
Second in America for K-5
Released: 20-Oct-2020 6:20 PM EDT
FAU’s A.D. Henderson University School Ranked Second in America for K-5
Florida Atlantic University

FAU's A.D. Henderson University School has been ranked the No. 2 Best Public Elementary School and the No. 11 Best Public Middle School in America by Niche, the largest website for researching public and private K-12 schools.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 5:10 PM EDT
Viral post claiming Dr. Anthony Fauci was indicted is entirely false

A Facebook post from May that is newly gaining traction says that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the leading voice of experts in the coronavirus pandemic, has been indicted for treason. This claim is entirely false. Despite President Donald Trump calling him a "disaster," Fauci has not been indicted. There is no news coverage to support this claim, nor any original, credible documents or sources to corroborate it.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 3:50 PM EDT
New Jersey, Nation Surpass Halfway Employment Recovery Mark
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

New Jersey gained back half of the jobs lost due to the coronavirus pandemic but a wide disparity remains between higher-income professionals working at home and lower-wage support workers still bearing the brunt of the economic downturn that has gripped the nation, according to a new Rutgers report.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 2:50 PM EDT
Population currently sees coronavirus as the greatest health risk
BFR Federal Institute For Risk Assessment

Next on the list of concerns, though notably less frequently mentioned, are unhealthy or wrong diet as well as climate and environmental pollution - these were the most frequently mentioned concerns in February's survey. "The coronavirus pandemic dominates public perception", says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 2:45 PM EDT
Trump Mocked Biden for Saying He'll ‘Listen to the Scientists’

U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized his stark contrast to his opponent Joe Biden in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic when he mocked Biden for saying he'll "listen to scientists."

Newswise: Marital conflict causes loneliness, health problems
Released: 20-Oct-2020 2:15 PM EDT
Marital conflict causes loneliness, health problems
University of Georgia

Couples that clash often are more likely to experience feelings of loneliness and poorer physical health, according to new University of Georgia research.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 2:10 PM EDT
Coronavirus vaccines stir doubts among many people worldwide, new study shows
CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

A research team from the City University of New York Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH), the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), and Georgetown University Law School announced today that Nature Medicine has published their research revealing potential global hesitancy to accept a COVID-19 vaccine.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 1:35 PM EDT
The GovLab launches collective intelligence to solve public problems
New York University

A new report from The Governance Lab at NYU Tandon has found organizations that tap the wisdom of the crowd are better at solving many of the problems that trouble governments, including those exacerbated by COVID-19, to sustainable development, climate change and disaster response. The report, entitled Using Collective Intelligence to Solve Public Problems, examined global examples of how public institutions are using new technology to take advantage of the collective action and collective wisdom of people in their communities and around the world to address problems like climate change, loneliness and natural disaster response. The GovLab has also published 30 case studies

Released: 20-Oct-2020 12:00 PM EDT
New Theory Sheds Light on How the Environment Influences Human Health
Mount Sinai Health System

Researchers at Mount Sinai have proposed a groundbreaking new way to study the interaction between complex biological systems in the body and the environment. Their theory suggests the existence of “biodynamic interfaces,” an intermediate entity between the two realms, as opposed to conventional approaches that analyze individual aspects of the interaction between the environment and humans in isolation, according to a paper published in BioEssays in October.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 11:45 AM EDT
Efficacy, politics influence public trust in COVID-19 vaccine
Cornell University

If an initial COVID-19 vaccine is about as effective as a flu shot, uptake by the American public may fall far short of the 70% level needed to achieve herd immunity, new Cornell research suggests.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 11:35 AM EDT
Fueling the Biotech Pipeline
California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

The CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) continues to prepare students for California’s growing biotechnology workforce in several disciplines across all 23 campuses.

Newswise: UA Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center creates website visualizing American Indian removal through Arkansas
Released: 20-Oct-2020 11:20 AM EDT
UA Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center creates website visualizing American Indian removal through Arkansas
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Sequoyah National Research Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has created a website and touchscreen table that brings the journey of American Indians who traveled through Arkansas on their way to Indian Territory to life. The center has completed a two-year research project, “Journey of Survival: Indian Removal Through Arkansas,” that includes a website and interactive touchscreen table that visually maps the journey of American Indians who journeyed through Arkansas after the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 10:00 AM EDT
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
University of Michigan

Election Day is two weeks away and confidence in election security is still wavering among voters. State election officials and clerks are confident in the process, as absentee ballots have been mailed in record numbers nationwide.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 9:55 AM EDT
Study: Free-College Programs Have Led to Large Enrollment Increases at Two-Year Institutions, Especially Among Historically Underserved Students
American Educational Research Association (AERA)

A study of 33 public community college promise programs, or free-college programs, across the United States found that they are associated with large enrollment increases of first-time, full-time students—with the biggest boost in enrollment among Black, Hispanic, and female students. The results come as the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is leading states to tighten higher education budgets, as low-income students are forgoing their postsecondary plans at higher rates this fall than their wealthier peers, and as community colleges are experiencing larger enrollment declines than four-year universities. The study was published today in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association.

Newswise: manufacturing_timeline.png
Released: 20-Oct-2020 8:55 AM EDT
Manufacturers leverage supply chain practices developed in response to COVID-19 to prepare for Brexit
University of Warwick

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people across the world, one particular way includes supply chains, some people found they couldn’t buy pasta or loo roll, and it was the same for manufacturers, who suddenly had to change their strategies to ensure their supply chain during the pandemic.

Newswise: NYU’s Center on International Cooperation and Center for Global Affairs to Launch New UN Senior Leadership Appointments Dashboard
Released: 20-Oct-2020 8:35 AM EDT
NYU’s Center on International Cooperation and Center for Global Affairs to Launch New UN Senior Leadership Appointments Dashboard
New York University

NYU's Center on International Cooperation and the Center for Global Affairs, part of NYU’s School of Professional Studies, are launching an online dashboard aimed at tracking diversity at the leadership level for the United Nations.

Released: 20-Oct-2020 8:00 AM EDT
Study reveals why some blame Asian Americans for COVID-19
Ohio State University

A blend of racial prejudice, poor coping and partisan media viewing were found in Americans who stigmatized people of Asian descent during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study.

Newswise: Conversation about suicide prevention leads to safe gun storage
16-Oct-2020 12:00 PM EDT
Conversation about suicide prevention leads to safe gun storage
University of Washington

Research by Forefront Suicide Prevention at the University of Washington, from visits to 18 gun shows and other community events around Washington state last year, found that engaging people in a community-based setting, in an empathetic conversation focused on safety, resulted in more people locking up their firearms.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 2:25 PM EDT
Trump misleads on the Bidens involvement in the Burisma investigation at weekend rally

This quote is referencing the claim alleging that Biden (then Vice President) pressed to have a prosecutor fired while the prosecutor was investigating Burisma. We rate this claim as False. Trump's statement is projecting misinformation by omiting facts, and omiting the series of events that followed the Ukranian money laundering investigation.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 2:20 PM EDT
68% of deaths from firearms are from self-harm, majority in older men in rural regions
Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

A new study of gun injuries and deaths in Ontario found that 68% of firearm-related deaths were from self-harm, and they most often occurred in older men living in rural regions, pointing to the need for targeted prevention efforts.

Newswise: Barabino Elected to National Academy of Medicine
Released: 19-Oct-2020 1:45 PM EDT
Barabino Elected to National Academy of Medicine
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Olin College President Gilda A. Barabino has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine, the academy announced on Monday, October 19 at its annual meeting. Election to the Academy is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 1:35 PM EDT
Fear of COVID-19 raises risk of depression among Soweto's deprived communities
Cambridge University Press

A STUDY into the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the mental health of people in Soweto has found a significant link between symptoms of depression and how likely people felt they were to be infected.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 1:25 PM EDT
Coronavirus Test Results Are Faster but Still Too Slow For Contract Tracing, National Survey Says
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The average test times for coronavirus results have fallen from four days in April to 2.7 days in September, but results are still too slow for effective contact tracing, according to a new nationwide survey led by researchers from Rutgers University–New Brunswick and Northeastern, Harvard and Northwestern universities.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 12:45 PM EDT
NUS study finds that severe air pollution leads to higher food delivery consumption and plastic waste
National University of Singapore

When the air outside is bad, office workers are more likely to order food delivery than go out for lunch, which in turn increases plastic waste from food packaging, according to a study by researchers from the National University of Singapore.

Newswise: UTEP and Community Partners Awarded $1.5M NSF Grant to Improve Quality of Life for Senior Citizens through Technology
Released: 19-Oct-2020 12:25 PM EDT
UTEP and Community Partners Awarded $1.5M NSF Grant to Improve Quality of Life for Senior Citizens through Technology
University of Texas at El Paso

A team of interdisciplinary researchers from The University of Texas at El Paso in collaboration with the City of El Paso and El Paso Community College recently was awarded nearly $1.5 million from the National Science Foundation to develop and sustain the social connectedness of seniors to improve their quality of life through technology, community engagement and social sciences.

Newswise: CSUF-studying2020.jpg
Released: 19-Oct-2020 12:25 PM EDT
Creating Critical News Consumers
California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

​​In times of political and societal turmoil, misinformation abounds. From deepfakes to viral conspiracy theories, how do we trust the media we consume is truthful? Education may be the best defense in creating critical information consumers in today's “fake news" world.

Newswise: Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine Launches ‘Support Our Schools’ to Meet COVID-19 Challenges
Released: 19-Oct-2020 12:05 PM EDT
Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine Launches ‘Support Our Schools’ to Meet COVID-19 Challenges
Hackensack Meridian Health

The new COVID SOS (Support Our Schools) initiative aims to provide expertise about opening, and opening safely, to select school districts in underserved communities who had previously partnered with the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine’s innovative Human Dimension program.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 12:00 PM EDT
Media’s Reporting on Gun Violence Does Not Reflect Reality, Study Finds
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

When looking at media reports in three cities, half of victims were covered in the news, but a disproportionate amount of attention was given to less common circumstances and victims

Released: 19-Oct-2020 8:55 AM EDT
Voting Rights, Election 2020, Colleges, Universities, and Us
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Join the presidents of Rutgers University, Williams College, Berkshire Community College, and Howard University for Voting Rights, Election 2020, Colleges, Universities, and Us, a virtual conversation on Oct. 20 about voting rights, the upcoming 2020 Election, and the implications for colleges and universities.

Released: 19-Oct-2020 8:40 AM EDT
Webinar: Pricing Climate Change Risk in the Markets at 9 a.m. Oct. 20
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Maryland Smith's Center for Financial Policy hosts a discussion of an NBR working paper on pricing climate change risk in markets.

Newswise: The ‘Goldilocks Day’: the perfect day for kids’ bone health
Released: 19-Oct-2020 8:35 AM EDT
The ‘Goldilocks Day’: the perfect day for kids’ bone health
University of South Australia

Not too little, not too much – Goldilocks’ ‘just right’ approach can now assess children’s daily activities as new research from the University of South Australia confirms the best make up of a child’s day to maximise bone health and function in children.

Released: 18-Oct-2020 8:05 PM EDT
How Teachers Can Manage Burnout During the Pandemic
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Ann Murphy, director of the Northeast and Caribbean Mental Health Technology Transfer Center at Rutgers School of Health Professions, who has been providing training for school personnel, discusses how teachers, with the help of school administrators, can manage stress and anxiety during these unpredictable times.

Released: 16-Oct-2020 7:00 PM EDT
SCOTUS hearings: What Judge Barrett’s confirmation could mean
Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU law scholars explain the impact the confirmation could have on existing public health, health care and reproductive laws

Released: 16-Oct-2020 3:20 PM EDT
Statement by AERA, APA, and NCME on Withdrawal of Lawsuit Against Public.Resource.Org
American Educational Research Association (AERA)

AERA, APA, and NCME withdrew a copyright lawsuit against Public.Resource.Org regarding its online publication of the 1999 edition of Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, the joint work product of the three organizations. Read more

Released: 16-Oct-2020 3:10 PM EDT
New national poll: Biden leads Trump by 10
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a 10-point lead over President Donald Trump in the contest for the White House in a new national poll of likely voters released today by the UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion.

Released: 16-Oct-2020 3:10 PM EDT
New York Post Ukraine Story Defies Logic

Unfounded claims and misleading statements earn this New York Post story a rating of False. Several red flags raise doubts about its authenticity, and the allegations have yet to be independently verified and reported.

Released: 16-Oct-2020 3:00 PM EDT
What San Diego's Hepatitis A outbreak can teach us during COVID-19
San Diego State University

In an age when many people get their news from social media, ensuring health information is communicated accurately and understood clearly is critical, especially during infectious disease outbreaks.

Released: 16-Oct-2020 2:50 PM EDT
APS Media Tip Sheet: October 2020
Association for Psychological Science

Safe Sex or Risky Romance? Young Adults Make the Rational Choice; Remember That Fake News You Read? It May Help You Remember Even More; Interventions May Have Lasting Benefits

Newswise: 245527_web.jpg
Released: 16-Oct-2020 2:35 PM EDT
When good governments go bad
Field Museum

All good things must come to an end. Whether societies are ruled by ruthless dictators or more well-meaning representatives, they fall apart in time, with different degrees of severity.

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