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Released: 3-Jun-2020 11:20 AM EDT
One-of-a-kind Microscope Enables Breakthrough in Quantum Science
American Technion Society

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers recently made an extraordinary breakthrough in the field of quantum matter when they documened, for the first time, a new type of interaction between light and matter.

Released: 26-May-2020 2:10 PM EDT
Researchers Develop Self-disinfecting, Reusable Protective Face Mask
American Technion Society

Technion researchers have developed a self-disinfecting, reusable protective face mask. The disinfection process occurs when a layer of carbon fibers in the mask is heated using a low current source, such as a mobile phone charger. A patent application for the invention has been submitted in the U.S.

Released: 23-Apr-2020 12:05 PM EDT
The Birth of a "Snowman" at the Edge of the Solar System
American Technion Society

A model developed by Israeli and German scientists explains the unique properties of Arrokoth - the most distant object ever imaged in the solar system. The results shed new light on the formation of asteroid-like Kuiper Belt objects at the edge of the solar system, and about the early stages of the solar system’s formation.

Released: 30-Mar-2020 4:35 PM EDT
Breakthrough in Slaughter-Free Steak Production
American Technion Society

Israeli researchers have achieved a breakthrough in the production of cultivated meat grown outside an animal’s body. The researchers from the Technion and Aleph Farms found that it is possible to use readily available and economically efficient soy protein as scaffolding for growing bovine tissue.

Released: 18-Mar-2020 2:10 PM EDT
Pooling Method for Accelerated Testing of COVID-19
American Technion Society

Israeli scientists have successfully tested a method for dramatically increasing current COVID-19 testing capacities. Known as pooling, the method enables simultaneous testing of dozens of samples. Its implementation could greatly accelerate testing and detection rates of infected patients in the population.

Released: 4-Feb-2020 4:15 PM EST
A New Outline of Cancer Therapies for Patients
American Technion Society

Professor Yuval Shaked, head of the Technion Integrated Cancer Center, presents an outline for therapy that will prevent the development of cancer treatment resistance, with suggestions about how the information can be used clinically.

Released: 13-Jan-2020 3:30 PM EST
Technology Protects Respiratory Tract of Premature Infants Who Need Assisted Ventilation
American Technion Society

A new artificial model of premature infants will make possible experiments that are expected to reduce injury to infants on respirators.

Released: 10-Jan-2020 2:25 PM EST
Your Brain: Individual and Unique
American Technion Society

New findings show that individual variations in the brain’s structural connectome (map of neural connections) define a specific structural fingerprint with a direct impact on the functional organization of individual brains.

Released: 7-Jan-2020 4:55 PM EST
First Solar Energy System to Split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen at Separate Sites
American Technion Society

Researchers have developed a prototype system for efficient and safe production of hydrogen using only solar energy. The innovative system contains a tandem cell solar device that enables more efficient utilization of the light spectrum.

Released: 17-Dec-2019 2:25 PM EST
Local, Native Birds Declining Rapidly While Non-native, Invasive Species Thrive
American Technion Society

When Israeli conservation scientists looked at trends of common bird populations over the last 15 years, they found that invasive bird species are thriving, and native ones are largely declining. They present the reasons for these changes, and flag the importance of strategies to mitigate the spread of non-native birds.

Released: 17-Dec-2019 8:40 AM EST
Automated, Nature-Inspired System Supplies Continuous Info About Patient’s Health
American Technion Society

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and in China present a nature-inspired hybrid sensing system for the continuous monitoring of health data, integrating artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Released: 9-Dec-2019 12:45 PM EST
Inspired by the Brain
American Technion Society

Researchers have developed a technology that can turn TowerJazz's commercial flash memory components into memristors—devices that contain both memory and computing power. Inspired by the operation of the human brain, the technology significantly accelerates the operation of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Released: 18-Nov-2019 4:25 PM EST
Brain Guard
American Technion Society

Israeli researchers have developed new technology for transporting drugs within silicon nanostructures to the brain. These nanostructures release an essential protein, which can inhibit the development of Alzheimer's disease, and provide targeted delivery in the brain with the use of a “gene gun.”

Released: 12-Nov-2019 5:00 PM EST
Probiotic Bacteria: A Double-Edged Sword
American Technion Society

Israeli and American scientists have discovered that administering probiotics in hospital intensive care units may lead to blood infections, and in some cases the adverse effects could outweigh the potential benefits.

Released: 13-Sep-2019 1:05 PM EDT
Fuel of the Future
American Technion Society

Researchers at Israel's Technion have developed a clean, inexpensive, and safe technology for producing hydrogen. The technology significantly improves the efficiency of hydrogen production, from ~75% using current methods to an unprecedented 98.7% energy efficiency.

Released: 9-Sep-2019 12:05 PM EDT
All of YouTube in a Single Teaspoon: Storing Information in DNA
American Technion Society

Israeli researchers have demonstrated information storage in a density of more than 10 petabytes (10M gigabytes) in a single gram of DNA while significantly improving the writing process.

Released: 9-Sep-2019 8:30 AM EDT
Mimicking Behavior of Natural Viruses, Researchers Develop New Drug Delivery Tool
American Technion Society

Based on the chemical behavior of natural viruses, researchers from the Technion and National Taiwan University have developed hollow nanometric balls that are expected to be used for drug delivery and safe immunizations.

Released: 8-Aug-2019 8:40 AM EDT
Researchers Hack One of the World's Most Secure Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
American Technion Society

Israeli researchers have managed to take control of a Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC), considered to be one of the safest controllers in the world. PLCs are used in a wide spectrum of operations including power stations, water pumps, vehicles, and smart homes.

Released: 14-Mar-2019 8:30 AM EDT
Hey Doc, How’s My Immune System Doing?
American Technion Society

A team of Israeli and American researchers says the state of a person’s immune system provides the most accurate measurement of a person’s health. They have developed a way to gauge “immune age,” which could bring about new frontiers in personalized medical treatment, drug and vaccine clinical development, and more.

Released: 13-Mar-2019 8:00 AM EDT
Super Sensitive, Groundbreaking Smart Sensor “Tastes” and “Sniffs”
American Technion Society

Technion researchers have developed an innovative sensing system capable of identifying and distinguishing different stimuli. Based on origami, and combined with conductive ink the researchers also developed, the multi-functional sensor is capable of identifying the “fingerprints” of materials and chemicals by their “taste” and “smell.”

Released: 7-Feb-2019 2:40 PM EST
Americans Trust Headlines That Match Their Political Leanings
American Technion Society

New findings show that Americans are more likely to believe that a news story is accurate if the headline aligns with their political views — and that it does not matter whether the headline comes from a source that aligns with the reader’s views. The results provide insight about the important question of trust in news.

Released: 27-Dec-2018 12:05 PM EST
Falafel from Microalgae: Protein for a Hungry World
American Technion Society

Graduate students from the Technion recently won first prize in the EIT Food Project Competition for their contribution to the development of a product called “Algalafel.” The novel falafel is enriched with spirulina, an abundant, ecologically friendly and nutritious microalgae.

Released: 26-Nov-2018 11:05 AM EST
Found In Translation: Algorithm Could Speed Up Development of New Medical Therapies
American Technion Society

A machine learning system developed at the Technion enables estimation of the relevance of lab mice studies to human physiology. The tool is expected to speed up the development of new medical therapies.

Released: 13-Sep-2018 2:05 PM EDT
A New Scientific Field: Quantum Metamaterials
American Technion Society

Two teams of scientists from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have collaborated to conduct groundbreaking research leading to the development of a new and innovative scientific field: Quantum Metamaterials.

Released: 14-Aug-2018 1:05 PM EDT
Researchers Break Through Intel SGX, Intel's Security Wall
American Technion Society

An international team of researchers has broken through Intel’s innovative security wall, Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX). The attack, dubbed Foreshadow, exploits certain weaknesses in the existing mechanisms of Intel CPUs, allowing an attacker to expose private application data and forge computations secured by SGX.

Released: 16-Jul-2018 9:00 AM EDT
Researchers Shrink Tumors in Mice by Manipulating Brain's Reward System
American Technion Society

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have successfully shrunk cancerous tumors in mice by manipulating the brain’s reward system. The intervention caused the nervous system to stimulate the immune system.

Released: 21-Jun-2018 9:00 AM EDT
The Immune System: Cracking Open the Black Box
American Technion Society

A technology developed at Israel's Technion will provide the scientific community with novel tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of immune system activity. Based on millions of scientific publications, the technology uses artificial intelligence to map disease immune profiles. These maps, which have already identified previously unknown biological interactions, will enable development of personalized, immuno-centric therapies

Released: 18-Jun-2018 3:05 PM EDT
Researchers Generate Electricity and Hydrogen from Live Bacteria
American Technion Society

Using a family of photosynthetic bacteria that commonly live in lakes and seas, researchers at the Technion have developed a technology to generate electricity and hydrogen energy. The researchers believe their technology can serve as a promising source of clean, environment-friendly energy that will not emit pollutants during production or use (hydrogen fuel).

Released: 5-Jun-2018 4:20 PM EDT
Nanotechnology for Plant Nutrition
American Technion Society

Technion researchers have found they can significantly increase agricultural yields, by using nanoscale delivery platforms that until now were used to transport drugs to specific targets in a patient's body. The technology increases the penetration rate of nutrients into the plant, from 1% to approximately 33%.

Released: 30-May-2018 4:15 PM EDT
A New Way to Deliver Anticancer Drugs to Pediatric Tumors
American Technion Society

A newly developed nanosystem significantly improves the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs and reduces the required dosage by about 90%. The system could offer a glimpse of developments to come in the treatment of pediatric cancers, which differ from adult cancers in aspects that include genetic characteristics, growth patterns and developmental pathways.

Released: 23-May-2018 2:45 PM EDT
Israeli and American Researchers Have Successfully Curbed Mesothelioma in Model Animals
American Technion Society

A team led by researchers from the Technion and NYU Langone has successfully impeded the development of mesothelioma - a disease for which there is currently no effective treatment. Mesothelioma, a cancer that develops in the thin membrane that protects the internal organs of the chest and abdomen, is in most cases caused by exposure to asbestos.

Released: 15-May-2018 12:05 PM EDT
Wearable Devices for Early Disease Monitoring and Diagnosis
American Technion Society

Researchers at the Technion have developed an integrated system for early diagnosis of diseases through the use of wearable monitors. The system is able to repair itself in the event of a tear or scratch, and receives the energy required for operation from the wearer.

Released: 30-Apr-2018 5:05 PM EDT
Optimal Propulsion: Helping Nanoscale Robots Swim Better
American Technion Society

Researchers from the Technion have completed an interdisciplinary study that reveals the optimal configuration for nanoscale robots that can travel within the human body to perform a variety of tasks. The model improves previous nature-inspired models.

Released: 19-Mar-2018 9:05 PM EDT
Cats Could Help in Development of Anti-HIV Drugs
American Technion Society

Technion researchers have discovered a mechanism which may serve the foundation for the resistance of FIV, the virus that causes “Feline AIDS.” Because of the parallels between FIV and HIV-1, the researchers say the discovery could also assist in the ongoing fight against AIDS.

Released: 22-Feb-2018 9:05 AM EST
Using Light and Gold for Targeted, Non-Invasive Drug Delivery
American Technion Society

Researchers have developed a highly-targeted and non-invasive drug-release method that combines a nanoscale gold particle-containing polymer coating and near-infrared light. The technology could also be used for other applications, including the sealing of internal and external injuries, and as biodegradable scaffolds for growing transplant organs.

Released: 14-Feb-2018 3:30 PM EST
Orthodontic Surgery via Enzymatic Blade: No Incision Necessary
American Technion Society

Researchers at the Technion have developed a method that could reduce the pain and cost associated with orthodontic work, while shortening the time needed to wear braces to about six months.

Released: 13-Feb-2018 3:05 PM EST
A Synthetic Cell That Produces Anti-Cancer Drugs Within a Tumor
American Technion Society

Researchers have successfully treated a cancerous tumor using a “nano-factory” – a synthetic cell that produces anti-cancer proteins within the tumor tissue. The synthetic cell could one day be an important part in the personalized medicine trend.

Released: 1-Feb-2018 2:05 PM EST
Future of Semiconductor Lasing: Topological Insulator Lasers
American Technion Society

Researchers have developed a new, highly efficient coherent and robust semiconductor laser system: the topological insulator laser. The results of the study pave the way towards a novel class of active topological photonic devices that may be integrated with sensors, antennas and other photonic devices.

Released: 18-Jan-2018 7:05 PM EST
The Human Body's Golden Gate to Iron Traffic
American Technion Society

New findings could change how iron metabolism in the human body is understood, and open new horizons for research and therapeutics for inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease.

6-Dec-2017 4:30 PM EST
Brittle Starfish Shows How to Make Tough Ceramics
American Technion Society

A coral reef-dwelling starfish that creates highly resistant lenses from chalk has given an international team of researchers a biostrategy that could lead to new ways for toughening brittle ceramics in applications including optical lenses, automotive turbochargers and biomaterial implants.

Released: 7-Nov-2017 3:05 PM EST
Lessons from Marine Sponges Could Lead to Novel Glass Technology
American Technion Society

Israeli and German scientists have uncovered some clues about the abilities of some marine creatures to form glass structures in cold water. The findings could lead to nature-inspired recipes for creating novel glass technologies at room temperature.

Released: 2-Oct-2017 3:15 PM EDT
What Do Your Eyes Say? Device Can Diagnose Diseases Based on Eyelid Motion
American Technion Society

Some say the eyes are a window to the soul. Now, thanks to researchers at the Technion, the eyes (or at least the motion of a person's eyelids) can also be used to diagnose eye diseases and neurologically expressed diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

Released: 10-Aug-2017 10:05 AM EDT
De-Jargonizing Program Helps Decode Science Speak
American Technion Society

Science is fascinating to many, but sentences about research full of expert-level terms and descriptions can scare away even the most passionate audiences. Now, scientists have created a free, scientist-friendly “De-Jargonizer” they hope will make science and research accessible to the public.

Released: 18-Jul-2017 3:05 PM EDT
Discovery Could Lead to Ways for Decreasing Metastatic Disease
American Technion Society

An international research team has discovered a central mechanism that accelerates the development of metastases after surgery for cancerous tumors in the abdominal area. This study provides a possible treatment modality for cancer patients that can decrease incidence of deadly metastatic disease.

Released: 13-Jul-2017 12:05 PM EDT
Technion and Toronto Researchers Aim to See the Night in a New Light
American Technion Society

A new technology provides a new understanding of the nighttime landscape based upon the flicker of electric lights. Applications could include monitoring light pollution and power grid output and fluctuations, and the estimation of nighttime air quality.

Released: 7-Jul-2017 11:05 AM EDT
Gold Remembers: "Shape Memory" Effect Demonstrated in Gold Particles
American Technion Society

Researchers have demonstrated shape memory and self-healing in gold microparticles. It could one day lead to self-repairing micro- and nano-robots; mechanically stable, damage-tolerant devices; and targeted drug delivery.

Released: 29-Jun-2017 11:05 AM EDT
New System Makes Fast, Customized Antibiotic Treatments Possible
American Technion Society

Using nanotechnology, image processing tools and statistical analysis, Technion researchers have developed a system that enables faster diagnostics, earlier and more effective treatment of infectious bacteria, and improved patient recovery times.

Released: 21-Jun-2017 4:50 PM EDT
System Detects & Translates Sarcasm on Social Media
American Technion Society

Researchers have developed a machine translation system for interpreting sarcastic statements in social media. It could one day help people on the autism spectrum, who often have difficulty interpreting sarcasm, irony and humor.

Released: 6-Jun-2017 1:05 PM EDT
Sensing the Nanoscale with Visible Light
American Technion Society

New findings show that features more than 100x smaller than the optical wavelength can still be sensed by light. This could pave the way for major new applications in sensing, including measuring nanometric defects in computer chips and photonic devices.

Released: 22-May-2017 4:30 PM EDT
A Possible Alternative to Antibiotics
American Technion Society

Technion researchers say a combination of metals and organic acids is an effective way to eradicate cholera, salmonella, pseudomonas, and other pathogenic bacteria. The combination also works on bacteria that attack agricultural crops.

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