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5-Oct-2017 8:55 AM EDT
Johns Hopkins Study Probes Psilocybin, Meditation, and Personality Traits
Council on Spiritual Practices

Psilocybin-occasioned experience, in conjunction with meditation and other daily spiritual practices, can yield significant and enduring increases in personal traits such as altruism, gratitude, forgiveness, and interpersonal closeness, as well as decreases in fear of death, according to a recent Johns Hopkins research study.

13-Jun-2011 1:50 PM EDT
Johns Hopkins Study Probes "Sacred Mushroom" Chemical
Council on Spiritual Practices

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have zeroed in on the dose levels of the “sacred mushroom” chemical psilocybin yielding positive, life-changing experiences, while minimizing transient negative reactions. Former U.S. "Drug Czar" comments.

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