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Newswise: The fans are right: When it comes to football, momentum is real
Released: 29-Aug-2022 8:00 AM EDT
The fans are right: When it comes to football, momentum is real
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Researchers built a mathematical model that proves the phenomenon of “momentum” in a single NFL game is real rather than random. The model also predicts a game’s outcome based on the research team's definition of momentum.

Newswise: What the Mechanical Forces Behind Protein Folding Can Tell Us About Metastatic Cancer
13-Jul-2022 2:00 PM EDT
What the Mechanical Forces Behind Protein Folding Can Tell Us About Metastatic Cancer
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Cells communicate with themselves and their cellular environment through mechanical bonds. This work advances understanding of the role of these forces on proteins as they interact to accomplish their biological functions, including the control of cancer.

Newswise: UWM Grads Help Provide Domestic Source  of Critical Medical Diagnostic Material
Released: 26-May-2022 11:05 AM EDT
UWM Grads Help Provide Domestic Source of Critical Medical Diagnostic Material
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

UWM graduates support the companies in the production of molybdenum-99, the parent of technetium-99m, the most widely used radioisotope in the world for diagnostic medical imaging. The materials are often abbreviated as Mo-99 and Tc-99m.)

Newswise: UW-Milwaukee Students Volunteer as Virtual Tutors
Released: 18-May-2022 5:15 PM EDT
UW-Milwaukee Students Volunteer as Virtual Tutors
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Donor supports two-year old program, started during the pandemic, which pairs university students with younger students for virtual academic support.

Newswise: It Pays to Be Nice to Your Competitor Brands on Social Media, Study Says
Released: 6-May-2022 3:05 PM EDT
It Pays to Be Nice to Your Competitor Brands on Social Media, Study Says
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Taking a risk and praising a competitor wins over consumers on Twitter, especially skeptical ones, according to this study. And that turns conventional wisdom about acknowledging competitors on its head.

Newswise: UW-Milwaukee to honor Willem Dafoe with honorary doctorate at 2022 commencement
Released: 29-Apr-2022 10:15 AM EDT
UW-Milwaukee to honor Willem Dafoe with honorary doctorate at 2022 commencement
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Academy Award nominated actor Willem Dafoe will return to his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on Sunday, May 22, to receive an honorary Doctor of Arts degree and be the featured speaker at the university’s two commencement ceremonies.

Newswise: An ‘over the counter’ hearing aid may put treatment within reach
Released: 21-Mar-2022 11:05 AM EDT
An ‘over the counter’ hearing aid may put treatment within reach
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Consumers who want a hearing aid must obtain a prescription and make the purchase through an audiologist. And that’s expensive, often running in the thousands of dollars. An “over the counter” hearing device being developed at UW-Milwaukee costs much less, but works just as well as a hearing aid for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Newswise: For female yellowthroats, there’s more than one way to spot a winning mate
11-Feb-2022 10:00 PM EST
For female yellowthroats, there’s more than one way to spot a winning mate
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

One population of female common yellowthroats prefers males with larger black masks, but another group of females favors a larger yellow bib. A new study has found that both kinds of ornaments are linked to superior genes.

Newswise: Book traces evolution of computer from unusual to ubiquitous
Released: 1-Feb-2022 3:50 PM EST
Book traces evolution of computer from unusual to ubiquitous
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

UWM professor Thomas Haigh has collaborated on a new history book, chronicling how computers developed from room-filling machines to microchips, and what that means for us.

Released: 3-Nov-2021 12:00 PM EDT
Researchers create a breakthrough tool for superfast molecular movies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Certain biological events, such as proteins changing their shapes to perform some functions, occur so quickly that current methods of molecular imaging cannot capture them. Now, a research team has created a machine-learning technique that can “fill in” missing data needed to document proteins in action in time scales of a few quadrillionths of a second.

Released: 25-Aug-2021 1:20 PM EDT
Experts offer tips for preparing kids to go back to school
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Three education experts offer advice to parents in helping their children make the transition back to school after the pandemic break and a year of virtual/hybrid learning.

Released: 17-Aug-2021 6:10 PM EDT
A 10-year-old girl in Kenya learns coding in Milwaukee--virtually.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A little girl in Kenya, who was interested in computers but had little opportunity to learn more in her own country, joined a Girls Who Code class half a world away at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Released: 21-Jul-2021 2:00 PM EDT
Researchers and Public Health Officials Need to Learn From Each Other About Wastewater Surveillance
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A new study looks at building the needed communication network and the investment of resources necessary to sustain wastewater surveillance systems during a public health emergency, such as COVID-19.

Released: 10-Jun-2021 5:00 PM EDT
Satya and Anu Nadella donate $2 million to UWM to increase diversity in tech education
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Nadellas’ gift will support pre-college programming to encourage students from marginalized and underserved communities to enroll in computer science, data science and information technology; undergraduate scholarships; and student services, such as advising, mentoring, tutoring and emergency grant support.

Released: 23-Mar-2021 10:00 AM EDT
Making molecular movies of a biological process of energy conversion
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

An international team of scientists have observed a sunlight-fueled atomic “pump” working in the cells of a marine bacterium. The imaging was done with an advanced technique called time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography.

Released: 16-Feb-2021 8:05 AM EST
Why is Biden making Milwaukee his 1st presidential trip? Political scientist weighs in on reasons behind Wisconsin visit
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

President Biden selected Milwaukee as the site of his first official trip since taking office. The city missed the chance to host candidate Biden last summer after the DNC was scaled back because of COVID. A Milwaukee political scientist weighs in on the reasons behind Biden’s milestone visit.

Released: 17-Nov-2020 3:55 PM EST
Unique maps show what lies beneath the water in the Milwaukee harbor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Several years ago, faculty and students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee began underwater mapping of the physical features and fish populations in the Milwaukee harbor. Their online visual tool is now guiding restoration efforts.

Released: 13-Aug-2020 1:10 PM EDT
RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. licenses drug development compounds from UWM Research Foundation
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The newly licensed compounds, developed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, act on a particular neurotransmitter receptor in the brain, which has shown promise for treatment of epilepsy and other convulsant disorders.

Released: 1-Jul-2020 10:00 AM EDT
Researchers tracking COVID-19 in wastewater to join forces on framework for translating data into a public health response
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Researchers from four institutions will create a "startup blueprint" that cities can use to implement SARS-CoV-2 surveillance at their area's wastewater treatment plants. Funded by the Sloan Foundation, the action plan they develop could be used to monitor COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Released: 1-Jun-2020 3:45 PM EDT
Campus gardens growing to help out during pandemic
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Because the campus is closed, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has turned its garden plots -- normally rented out to students, faculty and staff -- into a resource for fresh produce for the university food pantry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Released: 1-May-2020 9:00 AM EDT
A recipe for better rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the near future
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Recent research reveals a materials solution for speedy charge and discharge time and a new way to get more silicon into electrodes. Both methods pack far more energy than current technology and offer scaleable synthesis.

Released: 25-Mar-2020 6:15 PM EDT
Creative connections for children during COVID-19
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, an organization that serves teachers and students around the world, is reaching out to children and families to share its variety of free science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) projects through its website, Facebook and Linked In.

Released: 16-Mar-2020 6:45 PM EDT
Higher education units partner on free online course to support faculty during pandemic
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A free online course to help faculty members and instructional staff who must teach remotely during the coronavirus pandemic has been launched by three units in higher education that specialize in digital learning.

Released: 12-Mar-2020 8:35 AM EDT
It’s time for the 2020 census. Why the once-a-decade count is important and what’s new this year
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Americans begin receiving official Census Bureau mail in mid-March. Census Day is April 1.

Released: 11-Mar-2020 8:30 AM EDT
The lasting legacies of Beethoven on 250th anniversary of composer’s birth
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The German-born pianist and composer is considered one of the most influential artists of all time.

Released: 5-Feb-2020 1:35 PM EST
Winter is right time to start pondering … summer camp for kids. Educational psychologist can provide tips for parents.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

It's the season for parents to sign their kids up for summer camp. Chris Lawson, who teaches human development through childhood, can help parents figure out the right program for their child.

Released: 24-Jan-2020 8:20 AM EST
Sleet? Freezing rain? Polar vortex? Veteran meteorology expert can explain winter weather forecast terms
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Paul Roebber is one of the leading forecasting experts in the United States and the world. He’s a leader in bringing new approaches to meteorology, and his research has changed how experts around the world forecast weather.

Released: 13-Dec-2019 8:05 AM EST
The origins of the term "fundamentalist" and how the term has evolved
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The term “fundamentalist” turns 100 next year. Historian Chris Cantwell, whose research interests include evangelicalism and fundamentalism, can talk about the term's origins.

Released: 12-Dec-2019 8:05 AM EST
Why do people make New Year's resolutions? Folklore expert Simon Bronner can explain that & other New Year’s traditions
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The social psychology behind New Year's resolutions, and rituals and traditions associated to celebrating the arrival of a new year.

Released: 10-Dec-2019 10:15 AM EST
Marketing expert can talk about the economics of the holiday shopping season
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Purush Papatla is co-director of the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute.

Released: 9-Dec-2019 2:05 PM EST
Behind the Force: Philosophy prof. can talk about mythological foundations of “Star Wars,” depiction of "good vs. evil"
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Mark Peterson is president of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture.

25-Nov-2019 1:05 PM EST
Structural changes of proteins help design shape-morphing materials
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Two biophysicists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have introduced a method that could turn protein hydrogels into smart materials with shape-memory capabilities. The work opens the door for a wider use of protein hydrogels in both conventional and new fields, like soft robotics.

Released: 24-Oct-2019 12:00 PM EDT
NSF invests in cyberinfrastructure institute to harness cosmic data
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The goal of SCIMMA is to develop algorithms, databases, and computing cyberinfrastructure to help scientists interpret multi-messenger observations -- measurements gained from light, gravitational waves and particles.

Released: 8-Oct-2019 11:00 AM EDT
Political Science Professor can Provide Analysis, Context on Supreme Court Hearing on LGBTQ Workplace Rights Dispute
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Sara Benesh's research interests include decision-making in federal and state courts, as well as the legitimacy of courts and institutions.

Released: 3-Oct-2019 10:10 AM EDT
Flu season is here. Epidemiologist can discuss symptoms, risk factors for transmission, reasons for getting a flu shot
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Amanda Simanek can also talk about new recommendations for children to receive two doses of this year’s vaccine.

Released: 1-Oct-2019 4:30 PM EDT
UW-Milwaukee Battery Startup Awarded a Second Federal Commercialization Grant
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A pair of academic researchers have federal funding for their startup, which will make battery parts from a unique, patented material called graphene monoxide. Their material dramatically boosts the energy storage capacity of li-ion batteries.

Released: 30-Sep-2019 3:05 PM EDT
UWM to Offer Tuition, Application Help to Bahamas Students Impacted by Hurricane
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE_The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is offering tuition and admissions assistance to students from the Bahamas impacted by Hurricane Dorian.


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