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Released: 7-May-2014 4:00 PM EDT
Empathic Anger Is a Motivator for College Student Advocacy
Appalachian State University

People who score higher on an empathic anger psychological scale are more inclined to approach community involvement from the point of view of social justice advocacy and systemic change rather than a charity model.

Released: 7-May-2014 10:00 AM EDT
Self-Defense Training Should Be Part of a College's Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Programs
Appalachian State University

Multiple studies have shown that a woman’s resistance to sexual assault reduces the likelihood of a completed assault while creating no risk of additional injury for the woman.

Released: 18-Feb-2014 11:30 AM EST
Professor’s Book Details History of Cyber Crime and Provides Case Studies
Appalachian State University

Book provides a history of cyber crime and case studies related to individuals’ use of technology to commit a crime.

Released: 27-Jan-2014 10:00 AM EST
Research Shows Taking Vitamin D2 Is a Poor Choice for Athletes
Appalachian State University

Taking vitamin D2 supplements associated with higher muscle damage after intense weight lifting.

Released: 16-Jan-2014 2:00 PM EST
Violence, Infectious Disease and Climate Change Contributed to Indus Civilization Collapse
Appalachian State University

A study of skeletal remains from the ancient city of Harappa provides evidence that inter-personal violence and infectious diseases played a role in the demise of the Indus Civilization

Released: 13-Dec-2013 9:00 AM EST
Evidence of Mass Extinction Associated with Climate Change 375 Million Years Ago Discovered in Central Asia
Appalachian State University

Members of a U.N.-sponsored research team with members from Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology have found evidence for catastrophic oceanographic events associated with climate change and a mass extinction 375 million years ago that devastated tropical marine ecosystems.

Released: 13-Dec-2013 8:00 AM EST
A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way to Prevent Disease in Children
Appalachian State University

Increased physical activity can improve childrens' overall metabolic health in just six weeks.

29-Nov-2012 8:00 AM EST
Reaching 2009 International Climate Change Goals Will Require Aggressive Measures
Appalachian State University

Despite an international consensus reached in 2009 to limit climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, scientists say the likelihood of meeting that goal is diminishing. The Global Carbon Project’s most recent analysis by scientists from the United States, Norway, Australia, France and the United Kingdom published in the current issue of the journal Nature Climate Change shows that a global economy fueled with coal, oil and natural gas is putting increasing pressure on the global climate system.

Released: 19-Nov-2012 8:45 AM EST
Appalachian State University Offers Climate Change Research Experts
Appalachian State University

Dr. Johnny Waters is co-leader of a United Nations International Geoscience Programme project to study the geologic history of climate change. Waters is a professor of geology in Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology. He is the only person from the United States selected to co-lead the five-year project that will involve more than 60 scientists from 19 countries. Other research sites are in Siberia, the Gobi Desert Africa, Mongolia, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Released: 19-Nov-2012 8:00 AM EST
School Shootings Garner Headlines, but Bullying, Hate Crimes and Drug Use More Common
Appalachian State University

Statistically, school-age children run a greater risk of being injured or killed by someone they know than from a violent incident at school, but it’s school shootings that draw the most media attention. And more students are victims of bullying, cyber-bullying, gang activity, drug use and hate crimes than acts of violence on school grounds.

Released: 12-Nov-2012 3:20 PM EST
Civil Asset Forfeiture and Federal Equitable Sharing
Appalachian State University

Civil asset forfeiture allows law enforcement agencies in many states to seize property or assets of a criminal suspect and proceed to have them forfeited to the government even if the individual is never convicted of the original charge. Professors study the practice that requires no criminal conviction.

Released: 11-Jul-2012 11:00 AM EDT
Professors Chart Tropical Cyclones’ Role in Ending Drought in the Southeast
Appalachian State University

Professors from Appalachian State University, UNC Greensboro, University of West Florida and Indiana University have studied a 58-year history of tropical cyclones and their role in ending drought in the Southeast.

Released: 29-May-2012 10:30 AM EDT
Bananas Are as Beneficial as Sports Drinks
Appalachian State University

Bananas have long been a favorite source of energy for endurance and recreational athletes. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and other nutrients, and are easy for cyclists, runners or hikers to carry.

Released: 28-May-2012 8:40 AM EDT
Professor Receives HUD Grant to Study Effects of Energy-Efficiency Measures on Indoor Air Quality
Appalachian State University

Dr. Susan C. Doll, an assistant professor in building science program in the Department of Technology and Environmental Design, has received a three-year $696,810 HUD grant to compare air quality measurements in weatherized homes in N.C. mountain and coastal communities to see if weatherization affects the level of indoor air contaminants.

Released: 19-Apr-2012 2:00 PM EDT
Forget the “Likes,” Engaging Millennials Is Key to Facebook Success
Appalachian State University

Forget about the number of fans or “likes” your organization’s Facebook page has. It’s what the organization is doing to keep those fans engaged that is important, especially if those fans comprise the “Millennials” – individuals who are 18 to 29 years old.

1-Dec-2011 1:00 PM EST
Global CO2 Emissions and Concentrations Reach Record Levels
Appalachian State University

Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have surged to record levels following the 2008-09 global financial crisis, when a stagnant economy resulted in a temporary decline in emissions.

Released: 14-Jan-2011 1:00 PM EST
Resistance Training Benefits Cardiovascular Health
Appalachian State University

Research conducted in the College of Health Sciences’ Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science at Appalachian State University has shown that resistance training has some similar effects as aerobic exercise in lowering a person’s blood pressure.

Released: 12-Jan-2011 12:05 PM EST
Disney Movies Promote “Beautiful as Good” Stereotype
Appalachian State University

While most research studies regarding the “beautiful as good” stereotype have focused on the adult or young adult viewer, Appalachian State University psychology professors Doris Bazzini, Lisa Curtin and Denise Martz have studied the effect viewing an animated movie that portrays “beauty as good” has on children, male and female, ages 6 to 12.

Released: 12-Jan-2011 12:00 PM EST
Why Crime? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Explaining Criminal Behavior
Appalachian State University

Matthew Robinson, a professor of criminology at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., is the author of “Why Crime? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Explaining Criminal Behavior.” His book integrates risk factors identified by more than a dozen academic disciplines which have been shown to increase the odds of antisocial behavior and criminality. The book is co-authored is Dr. Kevin Beaver of the Florida State University.

14-Apr-2010 9:00 AM EDT
Professor’s Research Finds No Evidence of Cannibalism at Donner Party Campsite
Appalachian State University

Research conducted by Dr. Gwen Robbins, an assistant professor of biological anthropology at Appalachian State University, finds there is no evidence of cannibalism among the 84 members of the Donner Party who were trapped by a snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the mid-1840s.

Newswise: Astronomy Professor Publishes Book on Stellar Classification
Released: 9-Apr-2009 3:45 PM EDT
Astronomy Professor Publishes Book on Stellar Classification
Appalachian State University

Richard O. Gray, an astronomy professor at Appalachian State University, is the lead author of the newly released "Stellar Spectral Classification" published by Princeton University Press. The text, coauthored with Christopher J. Corbally, replaces a decades-old book on spectral classification still in use in many college classrooms and observatories.

Released: 20-Mar-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Alternative Energy Experts for Earth Day Related News
Appalachian State University

Alternative energy and sustainable construction experts available for Earth Day related interviews.

Released: 28-Jan-2009 12:00 PM EST
Hydrogen-Powered Transit and Commuter Rail Featured at Fifth International Hydrail Conference in Charlotte
Appalachian State University

Innovative hydrogen technology for streetcar and commuter rail applications will be featured at the fifth International Hydrail Conference June 11-12 in Charlotte, N.C.

Released: 12-Jun-2008 8:00 AM EDT
Students Explore the Physics of Fizz
Appalachian State University

Students use the principles of physics to explain the Mentos-Diet Coke reaction.

Released: 10-Jun-2008 4:00 PM EDT
Father and Son Business Professors Co-Write Book on Changing Business Trends
Appalachian State University

Companies can gain by sharing techniques across the manufacturing/services boundary. Manufacturing companies typically perform well in areas such as supply chain management, production transformation and outbound logistics, three areas that help reduce the cost of the final product. What they have not been as good at is servicing their customers well and offering realistic customization of products in a timely fashion.

Released: 21-Apr-2008 2:10 PM EDT
Conference on "Recycling" Urban Trees Held May 16 at Appalachian
Appalachian State University

Useable wood for cities urban forests often is wasted. A conference on recycling urban trees looks at ways the wood can be used for other purposes.

Released: 18-Apr-2008 8:30 AM EDT
Appalachian State University Co-hosts International Hydrail Conference in Spain
Appalachian State University

The Fourth International Hydrail Conference will be held June 9 in Valencia, Spain. It will showcase projects applying hydrogen and fuel cell technology to railways and examine scenarios for integrating these technologies into existing transport systems.

Released: 12-Feb-2008 11:45 AM EST
Caveman Mystique Crushes Men's Potential, Professor Says
Appalachian State University

Men's bad behavior often is attributed to stone-age ancestors, and popular culture reinforces the stereotype. To truly understand men and their behavior, it's important to understand the emotional, economic, political and sociological changes that have occurred over time, and to also recognize how magazines, commercials, television programs and other forms of popular media often contribute to a skewed understanding of men and male behavior.

Released: 11-Jan-2008 1:00 PM EST
Laughter and Reminiscing Help Keep Relationships Alive
Appalachian State University

Laughter and reminiscing help keep relationships alive, according to social psychologist Doris Bazzini.

Released: 11-Jan-2008 1:00 PM EST
Mild Exercise May Protect Heart Against the Damaging Effects of a Heart Attack
Appalachian State University

John C. Quindry, an assistant professor in Appalachian State University's Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science, is studying the role short-term exercise plays in protecting the heart muscle during a severe heart attack.

Released: 12-Dec-2007 1:00 PM EST
Experts Available for Civil Liberties/Social Injustice Comments
Appalachian State University

Professors from Appalachian State University available for civil liberties/social injustice comments. Matthew Robinson, the author of "Death Nation," reports the opinions of scholarly death penalty experts as to whether the death penalty achieves its goals, is plagued by serious problems, and is an appropriate punishment for convicted murderers. Barbara Zaitzow researches women in prison, alternatives to incarceration, female criminality and social control techniques used with women in prison.

Released: 30-Nov-2007 9:00 AM EST
Appalachian State and Clemson Universities Partner to Research Virtual World Technology
Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University and Clemson University are partnering in research, development, and implementation studies related to 3-D virtual worlds through the newly established Carolinas Virtual World Consortium.

Released: 6-Nov-2007 8:50 AM EST
Professor Publishes Sam Ervin Biography
Appalachian State University

Karl E. Campbell, an associate professor of history at Appalachian State University, has written a biography about the late Sam Ervin so that a new generation can be introduced to "Senator Sam."

19-Jun-2007 12:00 AM EDT
North Carolina Coastal Economy Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise
Appalachian State University

A new report released today finds that North Carolina's coastline will continue to experience significant loss in land area, property and recreational value in the next 30 to 75 years due to projected changes in climate, leading North Carolina researchers announced.

Released: 24-Apr-2007 4:25 PM EDT
Appalachian State Energy Center Co-hosts Third International Hydrail Conference
Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University Energy Center and Nuvera Fuel Cells will co-host the Third International Hydrail Conference June 25-26 in Bergamo, Italy.

Released: 22-Mar-2007 4:30 PM EDT
Psychologists Use Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Students' Excessive Drinking
Appalachian State University

A counseling style known as motivational interviewing has been tested in group settings as a way to reduce alcohol abuse by college students.

Released: 5-Mar-2007 4:20 PM EST
Researchers Explore Phenomenon of Fat Talk
Appalachian State University

Fat talk, a phenomenon that occurs when women get together and complain about their body image, is being studied by psychologists at Appalachian State University.

Released: 20-Feb-2007 11:00 AM EST
Researcher Studies Benefits of Reminiscing About Laughter
Appalachian State University

Couples who laugh together and intentionally reminisce about that shared experience are likely more satisfied with their relationship.

Released: 8-Feb-2007 8:00 AM EST
Natural Plant Substance Helps Reduce Illness in Physically Stressed Athletes
Appalachian State University

Researchers at Appalachian State University have proven that a natural antioxidant derived from plants is able to reduce illness and maintain mental performance in physically stressed test subjects.

Released: 27-Jun-2006 7:05 PM EDT
Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Helps Fuel $2 Billion Tourism Industry
Appalachian State University

Tourism in the 25-county Western North Carolina region was a $2 billion industry in 2004. A new study of tourists' travel and activity preferences conducted by Appalachian State University business professors will help the travel and tourism industry better market their offerings to vacationers.

Newswise: Christian Romance Novels Help Readers Maintain Faith
Released: 13-Mar-2006 9:00 AM EST
Christian Romance Novels Help Readers Maintain Faith
Appalachian State University

Lynn S. Neal's book, "Romancing God: Evangelical Women and Inspirational Fiction," was recently published by the University of North Carolina Press. It looks at the role Christian romance novels play in sustaining readers' faith.

Released: 2-Nov-2005 11:00 AM EST
Exercise Is the Best Protection Against Catching a Cold
Appalachian State University

Exercise is the best protection against catching a cold, according to research conducted by Appalachian State University's David Nieman. Nieman is a professor in Appalachian's Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science and director of the university's Human Performance Lab.

Released: 19-Sep-2005 1:15 PM EDT
National Board Certification(r) Strengthens Teaching and Learning
Appalachian State University

Research conducted by professors at Appalachian State University shows that students taught by National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) achieve deeper learning than students taught by non-board certified teachers.

Released: 7-Sep-2005 11:00 AM EDT
Hurricane Experts
Appalachian State University

Two experts can discuss hurricanes and Hurricane Katrina.

Newswise: Solution to Clean Space Dust from Mars Exploration Vehicles
Released: 30-Aug-2005 11:40 AM EDT
Solution to Clean Space Dust from Mars Exploration Vehicles
Appalachian State University

Sid Clements, a physics professor at Appalachian State University, is part of a 12-member team of scientists across the United States working on a NASA project to keep space dust from obstructing solar panels and other equipment.

Released: 26-Aug-2004 11:50 AM EDT
Positive Reinforcement Can Boost Older Adults' Confidence in Their Memory
Appalachian State University

Memory and a person's confidence in their memory fades with time. Positive reinforcement can boost older adults reliance on their memory, improving qualtiy of life and lifelong learning opportunities.

Released: 13-Nov-2003 12:30 PM EST
No Supplement Protects Athletes' Immune Systems Like Sports Drinks
Appalachian State University

Carboyhydrate sports drinks best protect atheletes' immune system from stress associated with high-intensity exercise, according to research.

Released: 6-Jun-2003 12:00 AM EDT
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts Opens
Appalachian State University

Turchin Center for the Visual Arts Opens at Appalachian State University.

Released: 11-Oct-2002 12:00 AM EDT
Effects of High Doses of Vitamin E on Triathletes
Appalachian State University

A team of Appalachian State University researchers is traveling to the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii to study the effects of high doses of Vitamin E on reducing negative health effects associated with extreme exercise.

Released: 16-Aug-2002 12:00 AM EDT
Sept. 11 Tragedy Generates Special Relationship Between a N.C. University and N.Y. Family
Appalachian State University

A relationship unimaginable one year ago is boosting spirits on a university campus in northwest North Carolina and in New York.

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