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Released: 27-Oct-2020 12:35 PM EDT
Newly Named Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities Casts Wide Net
Furman University

Furman University has announced the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities, a hub composed of three centers aimed at addressing sustainability solutions across education, research and leadership. Formerly known as the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability, the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities is driven by the belief that a healthy, thriving planet and a basic quality of life for all of humanity can and must coexist. The new naming for the regionally-centered institute culminates 11 years’ progress and national renown and reflects the institute’s mission and commitment toward a more expansive reach.

Released: 12-Oct-2020 1:00 PM EDT
Krebs Cycle replication offers new clues to life’s origins
Furman University

Furman University chemistry graduate and first-year Emory Ph.D. candidate Trent Stubbs authors a new study in Nature Chemistry that may fundamentally alter humanity's understanding of the origin of life on Earth and where else in the universe it may emerge.

Released: 24-Jun-2020 11:05 AM EDT
Unfounded fear helps fuel police violence
Furman University

Research shows that policing is a relatively safe job, but fear stoked by and among officers put black lives in danger.

Released: 24-Jun-2020 10:30 AM EDT
After the Protests: How Communities Can Make Systemic Change
Furman University

How Black Lives Matter commemorations can create lasting change in communities

Released: 14-Apr-2020 3:05 PM EDT
The Pandemic Philosopher
Furman University

This is a feature story about Furman University professor of philosophy Aaron Simmons, who started a YoutTube channel of selfie videos with encouraging and educational messages.

Released: 2-Apr-2020 5:05 PM EDT
Pausing during the pandemic
Furman University

Short consumer article with advice and tips for using the pandemic down time to reflect on who and what you want to be.

Released: 18-Mar-2020 11:30 AM EDT
Why social distancing is so difficult; how research explains our behavior
Furman University

John McArthur, an expert on social distancing, explains why the behavior is so difficult, and how we can convince ourselves to do it anyway.

Released: 6-Feb-2020 11:05 AM EST
For Valentine's Day, 5 Tips for a Better Relationship
Furman University

Frank Provenzano, a Furman University instructor in psychology and a clinical psychologist for more than 40 years, offers five key relationships tips for any intimate partnership.

Released: 26-Nov-2019 10:55 AM EST
Holidays on the Autism Spectrum
Furman University

A short feature with a list of tips to help people with autism, and their loved ones, better navigate the holidays.

Released: 26-Nov-2019 10:35 AM EST
10 Steps to a More Sustainable Christmas
Furman University

A consumer-friendly listicle.

Released: 18-Nov-2019 1:20 PM EST
Five Ways To Manage Holiday Stress
Furman University

You can't eliminate holiday stress — but you can manage it. Here are tips from Cinnamon Stetler, associate professor and department chair of psychology.

Released: 14-Nov-2019 7:05 AM EST
How to Win the Black Vote
Furman University

In this short piece, race politics specialist Teresa Cosby explains what black voters are looking for in a candidate.

Released: 14-Oct-2019 4:05 AM EDT
Physics professors patent device that could revolutionize diabetes management
Furman University

The 'optical glucometer' is able to measure glucose levels by taking a specialized photo of the eye with sophisticated infrared sensors, eliminating the need for needles, blood or physical contact of any kind.

Released: 18-Sep-2019 12:45 PM EDT
Amazon Studios gets body image right in 'Brittany Runs a Marathon'
Furman University

When she saw the trailer for the movie “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” psychologist and body image researcher Kerstin Blomquist’s first thought was, “Oh, no. They’re doing it again!” Blomquist studies how to prevent disordered eating and how to promote a positive body image. She thought Hollywood had made another movie perpetuating negative stereotypes about people with obesity. Then, she saw the movie. “The movie was surprisingly better than I expected." She talks about what the movie got right, and what it could have done a little better.

Released: 16-Sep-2019 3:05 PM EDT
Could Johnny Tremain be gay?
Furman University

This feature story describes education professor Scott Henderson's published research on Johnny Tremain.

Released: 31-Aug-2010 12:00 PM EDT
$3.4 Million Gift Will Help At-Risk Students Stay in College
Furman University

Furman University has received a $3.4 million gift to support the school’s nationally recognized Bridges to a Brighter Future, a college access program for high school students whose greatest challenges exist outside the classroom.

Released: 30-Jul-2010 2:20 PM EDT
Google's Digitization Efforts Building on Work of Furman Professor, Others
Furman University

The work of Furman classics professor Christopher Blackwell and Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies in digitizing the Venetus A manuscript recently was cited by Google.

Released: 9-Jul-2010 11:30 AM EDT
New Book Looks at What Our Emotions Are Trying to Tell Us
Furman University

In his book, The Quest to Feel Good, Furman University psychology professor Dr. Paul Rasmussen examines the power of emotions and the important role they play in mental health. And he says we should listen to the message before trying to subdue the messenger.

Released: 8-Jul-2010 11:00 AM EDT
Project at Furman University to Quadruple Solar Energy Output on Campus
Furman University

Furman University will use a $340,000 grant from the S.C. Energy Office for a new installation of solar panels.

Released: 29-Jun-2010 12:55 PM EDT
Learning in Retirement is Focus of Regional Conference at Furman
Furman University

The 2010 Southern Regional Conference for Institutes for Learning in Retirement will take place at Furman University on July 21-23.

Released: 4-May-2010 1:00 PM EDT
Furman University Offers a Virtual Summer Trip to China
Furman University

An intensive two-week Chinese language and culture camp at Furman University this summer will allow high school students to take their Chinese skills to new levels. Students will study and live with native Chinese language teachers, interact via webcam with high school language partners in China, and plan a virtual trip across China, exploring the history and architecture of bustling Beijing to remote Xinjiang.

Released: 19-Apr-2010 10:55 AM EDT
Furman University Students Weatherize Homes
Furman University

A number of homes in Greenville, S.C., will soon be more energy efficient thanks to the volunteer efforts of a group of Furman University students.

Released: 9-Apr-2010 9:00 AM EDT
Furman University Offers New Program in Corporate Sustainability
Furman University

As companies become increasingly focused on implementing sustainable business strategies, Furman University will offer a new program this fall that will help executives manage the challenges of a socially conscious business environment.

Released: 26-Mar-2010 11:30 AM EDT
"Greening Our World:" Video of Furman University Panel Discussion Available Online
Furman University

On March 2, 2010, Furman University hosted a panel discussion titled “Greening our World: Sustainable Colleges, Corporations and Communities.” The discussion, moderated by former New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin and featuring former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Christine Todd Whitman as one of five panelists, is available for viewing online.

Released: 5-Mar-2010 1:45 PM EST
Furman's Einstein Wins National Award for Fostering Undergrad Research
Furman University

Furman University psychology professor Gil Einstein will receive the Council on Undergraduate Research’s highest award for his role in developing Furman’s nationally recognized research programs for undergraduates.

Released: 5-Mar-2010 1:35 PM EST
Furman Creates New Process for Campus Energy, Climate Action
Furman University

Furman University is featured in a new case study by Clean Air-Cool Planet, an organization that seeks and promotes solutions to global warming. The study recognizes Furman’s unique approach to planning for sustainability initiatives on campus and beyond.

Released: 25-Feb-2010 2:45 PM EST
Former EPA Chief Christine Todd Whitman to Lecture at Furman
Furman University

Christine Todd Whitman will teach and deliver a March 2 public lecture at Furman University as the Riley Institute's Woodrow Wilson Fellow-in-Residence. Her topic will be "The Changing Nature of Environmental Policy: How We Got Where We Are and How We'll Get Where We're Going."

Released: 4-Feb-2010 2:00 PM EST
Turning Exercise into Electricity
Furman University

What if the energy generated by Furman University students exercising in the fitness center could be harnessed and then converted into electricity to power the building? It’s no pipe dream, and the Class of 2010 plans to bring the technology to campus as its senior gift to Furman.

Released: 22-Dec-2009 12:00 PM EST
Judy Woodruff to Speak at Furman's Legislative Award Event
Furman University

PBS journalist Judy Woodruff will be the keynote speaker Jan. 11 in Columbia, S.C., as Furman University's Riley Institute presents its annual legislative leadership award.

Released: 21-Dec-2009 1:00 PM EST
Furman University Adopts Sustainabilty Master Plan That Includes Pledge to Become Carbon Neutral by 2026
Furman University

The master plan proposes a long-range, comprehensive approach to infuse more sustainable practices, policies and pedagogy into all aspects of Furman life. It also outlines specific steps the university can take over the next 17 years to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Released: 21-Dec-2009 12:00 PM EST
Rod Smolla Named 11th President of Furman University
Furman University

Rod Smolla, one of America's foremost First Amendment scholars and Dean of the School of Law at Washington and Lee University, has been named the 11th president of Furman University. His appointment becomes effective July 1, 2010.

Released: 3-Nov-2009 4:20 PM EST
Furman University Receives $2.5 Million DOE Grant for Geothermal Project
Furman University

Furman University has received a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy that will allow the university to install an environmentally friendly geothermal heat pump system in a student housing complex. It is estimated the new system iwill save the university more than $2 million in energy costs over the next 20 years and substantially reduce its carbon footprint.

Released: 13-Oct-2009 4:10 PM EDT
Forget the Costs -- Mutual Fund Investors Still More Interested in Past Performance
Furman University

Even though the fees and expenses associated with a mutual fund can greatly affect a shareholder’s return, consumers are more likely to focus on past performance and virtually ignore cost information, researchers at Furman and Radford universities have discovered.

Released: 29-May-2009 1:00 PM EDT
The Green, Green Technology of Home
Furman University

The Cliffs Cottage at Furman University has all the latest technological innovations in sustainable living. Geothermal heating and cooling, two solar technologies, bamboo floors, furniture made from reclaimed wood, even cisterns that collect rainwater from the roof. The home has 3,400 square feet, but is so energy efficient that it can be heated and cooled for less than $75 a month.

Released: 29-May-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Being Henry David Thoreau: A New Approach to Walden
Furman University

What is the best way to fully appreciate Henry David Thoreau's Walden? For a course at Furman University this spring, the answer was a bit unusual. Spend one week reading the book and another week building a replica of the rustic cabin that Thoreau lived in while writing much of the book.

Released: 15-Apr-2009 3:50 PM EDT
Furman University to Participate in VA's Yellow Ribbon Program
Furman University

Furman University has announced it will participate in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, allowing qualified post-9/11 veterans to attend the university tuition-free. The new program allows veterans to attend private colleges and universities tuition-free, with the schools and Veterans Affairs funding equally the costs that exceed the highest in-state public tuition rate.

Released: 8-Apr-2009 11:00 AM EDT
Professor Tackles Childhood Obesity in New Book
Furman University

Dr. Julian Reed, an associate professor of health and exercise science at Furman University, has written a book about ways that elementary school teachers can help their students become more physically fit while they are in the classroom. "Active Education: Lessons for Integrating Physical Activity with Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies" was just released by Nova Publishers.

Released: 27-Mar-2009 11:05 AM EDT
Liberian President to Speak at Furman University April 13
Furman University

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, known as Africa's "Iron Lady," will visit Furman University Monday, April 13. Her talk, a conversation with Furman president David E. Shi, is sponsored by Furman's Riley Institute and Water of Life's Global Pebble Project. The event is free and open to the public.

Released: 26-Mar-2009 2:15 PM EDT
Chinese Diplomat Xie Feng to Open Furman Conference April 7-8
Furman University

Furman University will host a two-day national conference on United States-China Relations April 7-8. Minister Xie Feng, Deputy Chief of Mission from the Chinese Embassy in the United States, will deliver the opening keynote address on Tuesday, April 7.

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