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9-Jan-2024 8:05 AM EST
Scientists behind Novel Discoveries and Individuals Leading the Understanding of Emerging Areas of Concern for Public Health Are Being Honored with 2024 SOT Awards
Society of Toxicology

Among the accomplishments of this year’s awardees are discoveries related to the role of altered pharmacokinetics in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease neurodegeneration, the risk of COVID-19 to smokers and vapers, and the role of the microbiome in pregnancy and early developmental programming.

Released: 19-Dec-2023 4:00 PM EST
Inhaled Toxicants, Alternatives to Animal Testing, and Liver Carcinogens Are Spotlighted in ToxSci Journal
Society of Toxicology

The December 2023 issue of ToxSci features a Contemporary Review exploring lipid mediator–driven inflammation following air pollution exposure, an In-Depth Review on the state of in vitro skin models, and ToxSpotlights on the effects of inhalation exposure to TCE and the dose-response assessment of non-mutagenic liver carcinogens.

Released: 21-Nov-2023 11:05 AM EST
Studies Exploring the Use of In Vitro Models in Toxicity Studies Spotlighted in November 2023 Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

The November 2023 issue of Toxicological Sciences includes ToxSpotlight articles that examine the renal proximal tubule microphysiological system as an in vitro model for drug transport and toxicity studies and an integrated approach for early in vitro seizure prediction utilizing hiPSC neurons and human ion channel assays.

Released: 11-Sep-2023 10:00 AM EDT
Effects of Phthalate Exposure and an In Vitro Solution to Studying Structural Cardiotoxicity Are Featured in New ToxSci
Society of Toxicology

The latest issue of Toxicological Sciences includes papers on phthalate and lead exposures, machine learning, the long-lasting effects of prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol on fertility and reproduction, and more.

Released: 21-Aug-2023 5:30 PM EDT
New ToxSci Papers on Effects of PFAS from Breastfeeding, How Genetics and Diet Influence Blood Lead Levels, and More
Society of Toxicology

New issue of Toxicological Sciences features a Systematic Review on PFAS exposure during breastfeeding, an In-Depth Review on PFAS toxicokinetics and modes of action, and spotlight articles on an in vitro rat airway epithelial model and on risk estimates for lead based on drinking water, genetics, and diet.

Released: 22-May-2023 4:30 PM EDT
New Articles on Using Machine Learning to Predict Mammalian Acute Oral Toxicity and the Effects of Vinyl Chloride on Metabolism
Society of Toxicology

The May 2023 issue of Toxicological Sciences includes articles on profiling mechanisms that drive acute oral toxicity in mammals and its prediction via machine learning and how vinyl chloride enhances high-fat diet-induced proteome alterations in the mouse pancreas related to metabolic dysfunction.

Released: 3-Feb-2023 10:20 AM EST
A Possible Connection between Mild Allergic Airway Responses and Cardiovascular Risk Featured in Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

Papers on the use of AI in physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling, how mild allergic airway responses may increase cardiovascular risk, and how single-cell transcriptomes can show dose-dependent disruption of hepatic zonation by TCDD are featured in lastest issue of Toxicological Sciences.

Released: 19-Jan-2023 8:00 AM EST
Scientists Protecting Public Health through Research on Vaping, PFAS, Parkinson’s Disease, and More Are 2023 SOT Award Recipients
Society of Toxicology

Over the last 50+ years, the SOT Awards have honored visionary toxicologists, exemplary early career scientists, and outstanding postdocs and students. That tradition continues this year as SOT recognizes individuals who have and are advancing the field of toxicology in extraordinary ways.

Released: 8-Dec-2022 11:05 PM EST
New Safety Assessment Assays Explored in Latest Issue of Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

The December 2022 issue features 10 articles on the latest research in toxicology.

Released: 4-Nov-2022 10:55 AM EDT
Exploring How Diethylene Glycol Poisons the Kidney and the Combined Effects of St. John's Wort and Acetaminophen on the Liver
Society of Toxicology

A ToxSpotlight article in the November 2022 issue of ToxSci assesses the mechanism for cellular accumulation of diglycolic acid while another explores the effect of long-term St. John’s wort administration on acetaminophen-induced acute hepatotoxicity and the involved mechanisms.

Released: 4-Oct-2022 6:00 PM EDT
A Need to Consistently Characterize Aerosol Research Associated with E-cigarettes Is Featured in New Issue of ToxSci
Society of Toxicology

Other featured research in October 2022 issue involves an exploration of a pharmacokinetic model for quantifying the mother-to-child transfer of environmental chemicals and how febuxostat may increase the risk for cardiovascular events by dysregulating calcium dynamics.

Released: 1-Jul-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Cannabinoid Vaping Products, Genomic Biomarkers, a Novel In Vitro Testing System, and More in New Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

Cannabinoid vaping products, genomic biomarkers to determine tumorigenic potential, and analyses of various testing assays are just a few of the article topics in the July 2022 issue of Toxicological Sciences.

Released: 2-Jun-2022 3:10 PM EDT
Microbiome Investigations, E-cigarette Toxicity Testing, and More Featured in June 2022 Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

The June 2022 issue of Toxicological Sciences contains cutting-edge toxicology research in topics such as biomarkers; DART; and emerging technologies, methods, and models.

Released: 6-May-2022 9:55 AM EDT
May 2022 Toxicological Sciences Features Leading Research in Respiratory Hazards, Proteomics, and More
Society of Toxicology

The May 2022 issue of Toxicological Sciences, the Society of Toxicology’s official journal, is now available and features leading research in carcinogenesis, computational toxicology and databases, and more.

Released: 7-Apr-2022 10:35 AM EDT
Endocrine Effects of Brominated Flame Retardant Exposure, a Novel In Vitro Reporter Assay, and More Featured in April 2022 ToxSci
Society of Toxicology

The April 2022 issue of Toxicological Sciences contains leading research in toxicology, including in computational toxicology and developmental and reproductive toxicology.

Released: 1-Mar-2022 5:50 PM EST
The Exposome, the Future of Uncertainty Factors, and More Featured in March 2022 Toxicological Sciences
Society of Toxicology

The March 2022 issue of Toxicological Sciences includes research on molecular, biochemical, and systems toxicology; genetic and epigenetic toxicology; and more.