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14-Jun-2010 9:00 AM EDT
Gay Fathers Day: Two-Dad Families Doing Well in Transition to Parenthood
Alliant International University

The first study ever to examine the experiences of gay male partners who became fathers via surrogacy shows that they are more likely than heterosexual fathers to scale back their careers in order to care for their children. Also, these fathers report that their self-esteem and their closeness with their extended families increases after becoming parents.

Released: 4-Nov-2009 9:00 PM EST
Anthony Sowell: Why Did He Kill? Why Did He Keep the Bodies?
Alliant International University

The death toll at Anthony Sowell’s home rose to an astonishing eleven bodies today (including one skull), making this the most gruesome and deadliest crime scene in Cleveland history. Why would someone rape and kill eleven people, and keep their bodies so close? Reports of a horrific stench are now coming from neighbors, a terrible smell they had endured for years. How can someone live in that type of environment, and allegedly continue to rape and kill seemingly without remorse?

Released: 3-Aug-2009 4:00 PM EDT
Disturbed Sleep Among OEF/OIF Military Personnel and Veterans
Alliant International University

Research conducted by Dr. Taylor Plumb and Dr. Diane Zelman from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University shows high rates of disturbed sleep and indicators of possible sleep disorders experienced by current and former military personnel who served in Afghanistan or Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Released: 3-Aug-2009 3:45 PM EDT
Symposium on Post-Earthquake Interventions in Sichuan, China at the American Psychological Association Convention
Alliant International University

A group of professionals and graduate students will present a symposium during the 117th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Toronto, Canada: Culturally Relevant Community Disaster Relief: Post-Earthquake Interventions in Sichuan, China, Thursday, August 6, 2009 - 11:00am-11:50 am. The symposium will focus on the ongoing mental health relief efforts provided after the catastrophic May 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province, China.

Released: 13-May-2009 9:00 AM EDT
California Same-Sex Marriage—Expert Sources
Alliant International University

Experts available on same-sex marriage and relationships to comment on California Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8.

Released: 11-May-2009 4:45 PM EDT
Alliant/CSPP Launches First American Graduate Program (MSc) in Clinical Psychology in Singapore
Alliant International University

The new Master of Science program in Clinical Psychology offered by the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University is the first practice-oriented graduate training program offered by an American university in Singapore. The program is offered in partnership with the Asia Institute of Professional Psychology (AIPP).

Released: 28-Apr-2009 3:30 PM EDT
Stuttering Awareness Symposium
Alliant International University

This Stuttering Awareness Symposium is designed to raise awareness about the challenges experienced by people who stutter. Children and teens who stutter, along with their parents, are encouraged to attend. The presentation will include a panel of people who stutter sharing their personal experience and professional expertise.

Released: 14-Apr-2009 3:00 PM EDT
Solving California's Major Environmental Challenges, Develop Renewable Energy and Create New Green Jobs
Alliant International University

EcoDynamics, LLC has selected Alliant International University to be its primary educational partner in global projects involving renewable energy production, environmental conservation and sustainable business development. Alliant's President, Geoffrey M. Cox and EcoDynamics Executive Vice President Glenn L. Barroga signed a Memorandum of Understanding on April 13.

Released: 20-Mar-2009 1:00 PM EDT
New Bright Green MBA Program in San Diego, CA
Alliant International University

The new Bright Green MBA program offered by the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University in San Diego is designed to meet the needs of these different groups. From our research, we have identified the top four reasons for choosing a Green MBA.

Released: 16-Jan-2009 1:00 PM EST
New Green MBA Program Prepares Students for Professional Success While Working on Significant Issues
Alliant International University

MGSM is launching a new Bright Green MBA program for this Spring. The program will be based at our San Diego Campus. It is a two year course that blends weekend workshops with online learning. It will be taught by Faculty with backgrounds in Sustainability research, Green Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.

Released: 4-Nov-2008 1:00 PM EST
Proposition 8: Marriage Equality in California – Sources for Follow-up Stories
Alliant International University

Experts available on the psychological effects of legal status on same-sex relationships and on the people in those relationships.

Released: 17-Oct-2008 9:00 AM EDT
Counselors Grow More Optimistic About Marriage
Alliant International University

According to a new study, the average marriage therapist becomes gradually more optimistic about marriage over the course of their career.

Released: 14-Oct-2008 9:00 AM EDT
How Same-sex Marriage Affects Gay Couples: A Tale of Two Research Studies
Alliant International University

A study conducted 13 months after same-sex marriage in Massachusetts became legal found that obtaining legal protections and making a public statement of commitment were the most often mentioned motivations for same-sex marriage. It also found that lack of family approval and difficulties planning and paying for the wedding were the most noted obstacles to marriage.

Released: 14-Sep-2008 8:30 PM EDT
While Violence, Abuse and Trauma Tear Communities Apart, IVAT Brings Leading Experts Together
Alliant International University

International Conference Asks: How Can We Prevent Violence, Abuse and Trauma? Speakers provide research and answers to problems of domestic violence, rape child abuse, elder abuse and traumatic stress following violence, war, disasters and crises.

Released: 14-Sep-2008 8:30 PM EDT
After 13 Years in Hiding Her Children from Violent Father, Mom Is to Receive Medal of Courage from CA Protective Parents Association
Alliant International University

Mom who went underground for 13 years to protect her kids from child abuse and herself from domestic violence tells her dramatic story and receives "Medal of Courage" from the California Protective Parents Association.

Released: 26-Aug-2008 9:00 AM EDT
Legal Status Makes Same-Sex Relationships Last Longer
Alliant International University

Five years after Vermont allowed civil unions, the first study to examine the experience has found that legalized same-sex couple relationships appear to be longer-lasting than those without a legal status.

Released: 15-Jul-2008 8:00 AM EDT
13th Annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma
Alliant International University

The 13th Annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma coordinates efforts and examine strategies that prevent violence, abuse, and trauma. The conference brings together international and national leaders, consumer-survivors, and those working on the front-lines with children, families, adult victims and offenders. The Conference draws professionals, advocates, researchers, policy makers and others from a wide variety of organizations, foundations, educational institutes, government agencies, universities, clinics, and shelters. This conference is unique in its cost-effectiveness, in the large array of networking opportunities it offers and in the large number of collaborating organizations which are represented (over 100 each year).

Released: 15-May-2008 1:30 PM EDT
Same-sex Marriage Experts Available
Alliant International University

Marriage Equality in California "“ Sources for follow-up stories.

Released: 23-Apr-2008 1:00 PM EDT
Gay and Lesbian Youth Want Long-Term Couple Relationships and Raising Children
Alliant International University

In what is believed to be the first study of its kind, social scientists have found that many lesbian and gay youth have expectations of spending their adult life in a long-term relationship raising children.

Released: 14-Apr-2008 3:00 PM EDT
Different Storks for Different Folks - LGBT Parenting Through Insemination and Surrogacy
Alliant International University

Gay and lesbian couples never become pregnant by accident. However, their methods of achieving pregnancy are many and varied. A growing number of lesbian couples are choosing alternative insemination of one partner; and a growing number of gay male couples are choosing gestational surrogacy (fertilizing an egg contributed by one woman and arranging with a different woman to carry the fetus until birth).

Released: 3-Apr-2008 3:10 PM EDT
Alliant International University in San Diego Opens Forensic Psychology Doctorate Program Fall 2008
Alliant International University

Students looking to establish specialized career fields in forensic psychology and criminal justice will be taught by leading experts in the fields, including Dr. Robert A. Leark, an expert in neuropsychology, which is the study of brain-behavior relationships, and Dr. Eric Hickey, one of the nation's foremost authorities on multiple homicide and sex crimes.

Released: 28-Mar-2008 4:45 PM EDT
Alliant Introduces New Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program in Criminal Justice
Alliant International University

The Criminal Justice program will benefit students by exposing them to professionals who are experts in the field, and who come from a broad range of backgrounds in the social and behavioral sciences, the judiciary and medicine.

Released: 27-Mar-2008 8:50 AM EDT
Sí Se Puede!: First Annual Community College Essay Contest Scholarship Awarded
Alliant International University

Maria Silvia Martinez, the first in her family to go to college, is the winner of the First Annual Cesar E. Chavez Community College Essay Contest. Mrs. Martinez, a fronteriza, was born in Tijuana and raised in San Diego. After beginning studies at a community college, she put them aside for many years to raise three children. Recently, she returned to Southwestern Community College to pursue an Associates Degree to become a legal office interpreter and translator. During this time, she took a psychology course at Alliant International University to pursue a Masters degree in family therapy.

Released: 27-Mar-2008 8:45 AM EDT
Expert Available: How Parents Can Help Teens Combat “Cyber-Bullying”
Alliant International University

"War of Words": Social Media as a Psychological "Tool of Terror" Spreading Ridicule and Fear Among Teens: As the trend to use social media sites such as MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, increases among adolescents, parents are advised to educate themselves on how to help their teens handle the consequences of "cyber-bullying" "“ which can affect their teen's self-esteem much more seriously than parents think.

Released: 27-Mar-2008 8:35 AM EDT
Expert Available Regarding Underlying Reasons, Warning Signs of School Violence in Adolescents
Alliant International University

Columbine Remembered: April 20th marks the ninth anniversary of the shooting rampage. How Far Have We Come? Despite the widespread adoption of school security technology and screening measures, school violence is still a major issue facing today's adolescents and young adults, as evidenced by the more recent shootings including: Northern Illinois University on February 14, 2008, E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, CA on February 12, 2008 and Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. Statistics show that one in 12 high school students are threatened or injured with a weapon each year.

Released: 26-Mar-2008 6:10 PM EDT
Experts Available to Identify Psychological Factors of Why Adolescents Join Gangs and How to Discourage Them
Alliant International University

Recently, racial tension and violence between African-American and Latino gangs has escalated in Los Angeles. A possible factor may be that the Latino population is increasing exponentially while the African-American numbers are not resulting in heightened protection of territories. The lack of education (over 50% of gang members are high school dropouts), after-school programs, and job training all contribute to the growth of gangs and the enticement of recruits.

Released: 5-Mar-2008 8:45 AM EST
Call for Entries: First Annual Community College Essay Contest
Alliant International University

Alliant International University and the San Diego Cesar E. Chavez Commemoration Committee are sponsoring the First Annual Cesar E. Chavez Community College Essay Contest for students in San Diego, Orange and Imperial Valley Counties to honor the life and achievements of the late civil rights and labor leader. The deadline for entries is March 14, 2008.

Released: 8-Feb-2008 1:00 PM EST
Studies Show Latino Gay/Lesbian Couples Adopt At Highest Rate Among Gay Couples
Alliant International University

Recent studies showing that Latino gay and lesbian couples have higher adoption rates than other same-sex couples, a truth mirrored in Spanish-speaking Telenovelas (TV soap operas) including Barreras de Amor" (The Barriers of Love), and "Amar Sin Limites" (To Love Without Limits).

Released: 11-Jan-2008 1:00 PM EST
What Straights Can Learn From Gays about Relationships and Parenting
Alliant International University

Psychological studies of lesbian and gay couples reveal key factors that promote healthier relationships and parenting, and can serve as examples for straight couples. Psychologist and researcher Robert-Jay Green, PhD provides insight into these important characteristics that can result in more satisfying marital and family relations.

Released: 2-Jan-2008 12:00 PM EST
Gay Seniors Rely on Close Friendship Networks When Ill
Alliant International University

Older adults who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) have "a history of caregiving" that creates networks of people who support each other during their senior years, according to a questionnaire study of 199 LGB seniors.

Released: 12-Dec-2007 12:00 PM EST
Lesbian/Gay Disclosures As Unexpected Holiday Gifts
Alliant International University

What should a family understand if a child or relative chooses to disclose their sexual orientation during the annual holiday gathering or decides to reveal more about his/her experiences as a gay or lesbian person?

Released: 3-Dec-2007 12:00 PM EST
Surgeon Urges Colleagues to Reconsider Their Views About a Medical Procedure for Transsexual Patients
Alliant International University

A prominent gynecologic cancer surgeon is urging her fellow physicians to reconsider their views about a medical procedure for transsexual patients making the transition from female to male.

Released: 26-Nov-2007 3:00 PM EST
Handedness Findings Point to Biological Cause for Sexual Orientation
Alliant International University

A study of men in Ontario, Canada provides a new twist on the connection between sexual/relational orientation and right or left-handedness.

Released: 8-Nov-2007 8:00 AM EST
Marshall Goldsmith Named in Top 50 Thinkers by London Times
Alliant International University

The London Times today named author, executive coach and Alliant International University Professor Dr. Marshall Goldsmith #34 on the bi-annual "Thinkers 50" list "“ a guide to "which thinkers and ideas are in "“ and which have been consigned to business history." It's the first time that Goldsmith has made the list.

Released: 31-Oct-2007 3:00 PM EDT
Working “In the Closet” Hurts Both Employee and Employer
Alliant International University

A questionnaire study of more than 500 gay, lesbian and bisexual employees across the U.S. has found that "fears about disclosing a gay identity at work had an overwhelmingly negative relationship with their career and workplace experiences and with their psychological well-being."

Released: 25-Oct-2007 2:30 PM EDT
Alliant International University Fire Evacuees and Survivors Available to the Media; Have a Story to Tell
Alliant International University

Student, faculty and staff are returning to Alliant International University's Scripps Ranch Campus, each with their own story of survival to tell.

Released: 25-Oct-2007 8:35 AM EDT
First Students and Staff Return to Alliant Campus in Aftermath of San Diego Firestorm
Alliant International University

Evacuated students and staff (from Qulacomm Stadium, houses and hotels) now return to Alliant's Scripps Ranch Campus, amidst ash and leaves; share stories - both of survival and loss - deal with trauma-related stress and prepare for Monday classes.

Released: 24-Oct-2007 8:45 AM EDT
California Wildfires: Experts, Advice on PTSD, Grieving, and Families Experiencing Sudden Loss
Alliant International University

Alliant International University, which has had three of its campuses closed due to fire, announced today that experts from its California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) are ready to assist journalists with pertinent information as to how natural disasters affect people and how they can help educate, inform and inspire those who have lost their homes, as well as potential victims of this wildfire phenomenon.

Released: 23-Oct-2007 3:10 PM EDT
Alliant International and Monte Fenix Launch Addictions Research Institute in Mexico City
Alliant International University

International University and Monte Fenix Foundation Launch Addictions Research Institute. Alliant Alumnus Donates $100,000. Alliant will use a matching grant to bring the total initial funding to $200,000.

Released: 3-Oct-2007 3:00 PM EDT
Anti-gay Slurs May be Damaging to Heterosexual Students Too
Alliant International University

A study of middle-school students in Central Illinois has found that being called anti-gay names significantly predicts higher levels of trauma for students regardless of sexual orientation. Such name-calling may lead to anxiety, depression, personal distress, and a lower sense of school belonging.

Released: 20-Sep-2007 7:45 PM EDT
Children of Lesbian Couples Are Doing Well
Alliant International University

A study of families in the Netherlands indicates that children raised by lesbian couples "do not differ in well being or child adjustment compared with their counterparts in heterosexual-parent families." The partners of lesbian biological mothers "are more committed as parents than are heterosexual fathers."

Released: 17-Sep-2007 8:55 AM EDT
Major 5-Day Conference On Violence & Child Abuse
Alliant International University

Over 250 experts on child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse and trauma will speak at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma sponsored by Alliant International University's Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego. It runs September 15 - 20 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in Mission Valley.

Released: 13-Sep-2007 7:50 PM EDT
Cell Phone Users Experience Phantom Ringing; Suffer From Ringxiety
Alliant International University

Study suggests individuals rely on mobile phones for mood regulation and maintaining relationships. The majority experience phantom ringing.

Released: 27-Aug-2007 5:05 PM EDT
Expert Available To Discuss Sustainable Business and Teaching Green in Higher Education
Alliant International University

David Bainbridge, MS, Associate Professor and Coordinator for the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management's Sustainability Concentration available from Alliant International University.

Released: 27-Aug-2007 5:00 PM EDT
MBAs Going Green: Marshall Goldsmith School of Management Introduces New 'Sustainable Management' Program
Alliant International University

Alliant International University's San Diego campus has just announced the addition of a new program to its Marshall Goldsmith School of Management "“ the "Sustainable Management" concentration (the first in San Diego).

Released: 16-Aug-2007 12:00 PM EDT
Alliant International University Announces New California School of Professional Psychology Dean Dr. Morgan T. Sammons
Alliant International University

Dr. Morgan T. Sammons has been selected as the new dean for the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University. Dr. Sammons will begin his tenure in January of 2008.

Released: 16-Aug-2007 12:00 PM EDT
Alliant International University Announces New Provost Dr. Russ Newman
Alliant International University

Dr. Russ Newman, currently the Executive Director for Professional Practice for the American Psychological Association (APA), will begin his term as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in January of 2008.

Released: 16-Aug-2007 9:00 AM EDT
Saving Face But Losing Control: Why Asian Americans Don't Get Mental Health Care
Alliant International University

The Asian American Psychological Association will convene hundreds of members at the Alliant International University campus in San Francisco to discuss issues and advances made in the mental health treatment of Asians and Asian Americans. Special panel of experts discusses Asian American mental health issues and reasons they don't use mental health care.

Released: 10-Aug-2007 6:30 PM EDT
Alliant Hosts Asian American Psychological Association and Media Briefing as Kick off to APA Convention
Alliant International University

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University hosts the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA) Aug. 16-17 on Alliant's San Francisco campus in advance of the American Psychological Association (APA) convention at the San Francisco Moscone Center, Aug. 17-20.

Released: 8-Aug-2007 3:00 PM EDT
Victimization of NYC Gay Youth Linked to Post-Traumatic Stress
Alliant International University

Back to School Story Idea -- NYC research shows impact of school bullying on gay and lesbian kids.

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