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Released: 16-Apr-2010 3:30 PM EDT
Iceland’s Volcano Spews Unusual, Continental Rock
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Iceland is the only place on Earth where land sits atop a mid-ocean spreading center, says Sheila Seaman, professor of geosciences. Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption is of particular interest because it contains a lightweight, light-colored material which “has no reason whatsoever for being there.”

Newswise: Cybersecurity Expert Stays Creative Baking Bread
Released: 20-Jan-2010 11:00 AM EST
Cybersecurity Expert Stays Creative Baking Bread
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Is there a recipe a scientist might follow to spur creativity and cook up new discoveries? Cyber security expert Kevin Fu says experimenting with flour, salt and yeast to bake artisanal bread helps him keep creative juices flowing and creates space in which to mull over thorny research problems.

Released: 22-Dec-2009 2:00 PM EST
Linkage of Sleep, Learning in Older Adults Studied
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Researchers are trying to decode why aging prevents sleep from enhancing memory. Psychologist Rebecca Spencer is trying to isolate the stage of sleep that provides the learning benefit and to discover more about the role of sleep in learning. Funding is from the National Institute on Aging.

Newswise: Professor's Book Dispels Myths about Lying, Deception
Released: 5-Aug-2009 5:00 AM EDT
Professor's Book Dispels Myths about Lying, Deception
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professor Robert Feldman says most of what we know about how and why people lie is wrong. Lying is common and people willingly accept and often welcome the lies they are told, he says. And it's hard to identify lying and liars. Feldman's new book, "The Liar in Your Life," has just been published.

Released: 3-Apr-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Breastmilk Test May Flag Breast Cancer Risk Early
University of Massachusetts Amherst

A study just launched will investigate whether cells expressed in nursing mothers' breastmilk might one day provide a quick, easy way to assess a woman's future breast cancer risk in younger women than before. They'll look for methylated genes that can indicate potentially pre-cancerous changes.

Released: 20-Mar-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Seeking Earth's Past by Drilling in Remote Arctic
University of Massachusetts Amherst

In mid-March, drilling by paleoclimatologists to retrieve sediment and meteorite-impact rocks from remotest Siberia reached about 213 feet (65 m), about 1 million years into the past. They hope to retrieve the longest continuous climate data ever collected for the Arctic, over 3.6 million years.

Released: 4-Mar-2009 3:00 PM EST
Nutraceuticals Come in Stable, Tasty Microgels
University of Massachusetts Amherst

We should be eating more omega-3 fatty acids in food, not pills, but what if we don't like fish, can't prepare it well, afford it often, or all of the above? Food scientists are now developing economical, reliable ways to pack omega-3 fatty acids and other nutraceuticals into food via microgels.

Newswise: Historian Traces Fears, Fantasies about NYC’s Destruction
Released: 17-Sep-2008 12:05 AM EDT
Historian Traces Fears, Fantasies about NYC’s Destruction
University of Massachusetts Amherst

In a new book, Max Page, associate professor of architecture and history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, explores how visions of New York's destruction were a part of the country's collective imagination long before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks turned fiction to grim reality.

Newswise: Engineers Without Borders Works with Kenyan Village to Improve Water Supply
Released: 4-Sep-2008 5:00 AM EDT
Engineers Without Borders Works with Kenyan Village to Improve Water Supply
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Members of the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) student chapter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently returned from a three-week trip to Kenya, where they worked to improve drinking water for a rural farming village.

Released: 30-Jul-2008 1:00 PM EDT
Replacing Roofing, Siding, an Opportunity to Lower Energy Bills
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Are you planning to add a new roof or new siding to your home before winter? Paul Fisette, an expert on green building, says that these home improvement jobs can be the perfect time to boost your home's energy efficiency and lower your heating bills, especially if you own an older home.

Released: 25-Jun-2008 1:00 PM EDT
Exercise Plan for Preschoolers Eyed to Thwart Childhood Obesity
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Many preschoolers are classified as sedentary when it comes to physical activity. A UMass Amherst researcher is giving preschoolers 30 minutes of structured, outdoor exercise at school to determine if this will impact their weight and health, protecting them from heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

Released: 9-Jan-2008 7:00 PM EST
Experts Ready to Comment on Worldwatch Report
University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMass Amherst Experts are ready to comment on the Worldwatch Institutes "State of the World 2008: Innovations for a Sustainable Economy" report and can speak to issues of energy and water resource economics, carbon taxes, green building and international trade and development.

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