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Released: 7-May-2014 10:00 AM EDT
Self-Defense Training Should Be Part of a College's Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Programs
Appalachian State University

Multiple studies have shown that a woman’s resistance to sexual assault reduces the likelihood of a completed assault while creating no risk of additional injury for the woman.

Released: 19-Nov-2012 8:45 AM EST
Appalachian State University Offers Climate Change Research Experts
Appalachian State University

Dr. Johnny Waters is co-leader of a United Nations International Geoscience Programme project to study the geologic history of climate change. Waters is a professor of geology in Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology. He is the only person from the United States selected to co-lead the five-year project that will involve more than 60 scientists from 19 countries. Other research sites are in Siberia, the Gobi Desert Africa, Mongolia, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Released: 19-Nov-2012 8:00 AM EST
School Shootings Garner Headlines, but Bullying, Hate Crimes and Drug Use More Common
Appalachian State University

Statistically, school-age children run a greater risk of being injured or killed by someone they know than from a violent incident at school, but it’s school shootings that draw the most media attention. And more students are victims of bullying, cyber-bullying, gang activity, drug use and hate crimes than acts of violence on school grounds.

Released: 12-Jan-2011 12:00 PM EST
Why Crime? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Explaining Criminal Behavior
Appalachian State University

Matthew Robinson, a professor of criminology at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., is the author of “Why Crime? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Explaining Criminal Behavior.” His book integrates risk factors identified by more than a dozen academic disciplines which have been shown to increase the odds of antisocial behavior and criminality. The book is co-authored is Dr. Kevin Beaver of the Florida State University.

Newswise: Astronomy Professor Publishes Book on Stellar Classification
Released: 9-Apr-2009 3:45 PM EDT
Astronomy Professor Publishes Book on Stellar Classification
Appalachian State University

Richard O. Gray, an astronomy professor at Appalachian State University, is the lead author of the newly released "Stellar Spectral Classification" published by Princeton University Press. The text, coauthored with Christopher J. Corbally, replaces a decades-old book on spectral classification still in use in many college classrooms and observatories.

Released: 20-Mar-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Alternative Energy Experts for Earth Day Related News
Appalachian State University

Alternative energy and sustainable construction experts available for Earth Day related interviews.

Released: 12-Dec-2007 1:00 PM EST
Experts Available for Civil Liberties/Social Injustice Comments
Appalachian State University

Professors from Appalachian State University available for civil liberties/social injustice comments. Matthew Robinson, the author of "Death Nation," reports the opinions of scholarly death penalty experts as to whether the death penalty achieves its goals, is plagued by serious problems, and is an appropriate punishment for convicted murderers. Barbara Zaitzow researches women in prison, alternatives to incarceration, female criminality and social control techniques used with women in prison.

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