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Newswise: Predicting persistent cold pool events
Released: 24-Feb-2020 5:30 PM EST
Predicting persistent cold pool events
Argonne National Laboratory

In a multi-institutional field campaign with NOAA and other laboratories, researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are working to better identify and forecast the occurrence of cold pool events.

Newswise: Cook County’s short-lived ‘soda’ tax worked, says new study
Released: 24-Feb-2020 5:20 PM EST
Cook County’s short-lived ‘soda’ tax worked, says new study
University of Illinois at Chicago

A study of beverage sales in Cook County, Illinois, shows that for four months in 2017 — when the county implemented a penny-per-ounce tax on both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks — purchases of the taxed beverages decreased by 21%, even after an adjustment for cross-border shopping.

Released: 24-Feb-2020 4:55 PM EST
Quadrupling turbines, U.S. can meet 2030 wind-energy goals
Cornell University

The United States could generate 20% of its electricity from wind within 10 years, without requiring any additional land, according to Cornell University research published in Nature Scientific Reports.

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Released: 24-Feb-2020 4:50 PM EST
InSight detects gravity waves, devilish dust on Mars
Cornell University

More than a year after NASA’s Mars InSight lander touched down in a pebble-filled crater on the Martian equator, the rusty red planet is now serving up its meteorological secrets: gravity waves, surface swirling “dust devils,” and the steady, low rumble of infrasound, Cornell and other researchers have found.

Newswise:  “CRISPR: A Screener’s Guide” Headlines the March Edition of SLAS Discovery
Released: 24-Feb-2020 4:35 PM EST
“CRISPR: A Screener’s Guide” Headlines the March Edition of SLAS Discovery

The March edition of SLAS Discovery features the cover article, “CRISPR: A Screener’s Guide,” by Carlos le Sage, Ph.D., Steffen Lawo, Ph.D., and Benedict C.S. Cross, Ph.D., (Horizon Discovery, United Kingdom). In their review, the authors discuss how CRISPR-Cas9 systems are being used widely throughout the drug discovery process and the development of new precision medicines.

Released: 24-Feb-2020 4:15 PM EST
Too Much of a Good Thing May Lead to Too Much of a Liver As Well
University of California San Diego Health

UC San Diego researchers suggest that prolonged exposure to a pair of antioxidant proteins may contribute to enlargement of the liver and fatty liver diseases.

Newswise: Design of the W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles, scientists find
Released: 24-Feb-2020 4:05 PM EST
Design of the W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles, scientists find
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Advanced design of the world's largest and most powerful stellarator demonstrates the ability to moderate heat loss from the plasma that fuels fusion reactions.

Newswise: 225112_web.jpg
Released: 24-Feb-2020 3:50 PM EST
The seismicity of Mars
ETH Zürich

On 26 November 2018, the NASA InSight lander successfully set down on Mars in the Elysium Planitia region.

Newswise: 225114_web.jpg
Released: 24-Feb-2020 3:40 PM EST
Solar storms could scramble whales' navigational sense
Duke University

When our sun belches out a hot stream of charged particles in Earth's general direction, it doesn't just mess up communications satellites.