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Released: 18-Mar-2022 4:05 PM EDT
Food prices will continue to rise, likely through next year
Arizona State University (ASU)

An agribusiness professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University explains the factors causing prices to go up at the grocery store, and why the worst may not be behind us just yet.

Newswise: Social media shopping: Why it won't take off in the US yet
Released: 10-Mar-2022 4:20 PM EST
Social media shopping: Why it won't take off in the US yet
Arizona State University (ASU)

A recent report by a company that specializes in information technology services predicted social commerce worldwide will grow into a $1.2 trillion business by 2025. We talked to Pei-yu Sharon Chen about how realistic this prediction is. Chen is the chair and professor in the Department of Information Systems and co-director of the Actionable Analytics Lab in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Newswise: How to talk to children about war in Ukraine
Released: 10-Mar-2022 4:00 PM EST
How to talk to children about war in Ukraine
Arizona State University (ASU)

How should parents address the Ukraine war with their children? ASU News talked to Abigail Gewirtz, a Foundation Professor in Arizona State University’s Department of Psychology whose research examines ways to strengthen families affected by traumatic stressors.

Newswise: Professor: How TikTok can affect marginalized communities
Released: 10-Mar-2022 2:40 PM EST
Professor: How TikTok can affect marginalized communities
Arizona State University (ASU)

Sarah Florini, an associate professor of film and media studies in the Department of English at Arizona State University, and Elizabeth Grumbach, director of digital humanities and research at the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics talk about how TikTok treats marginalized communities.

Newswise: What is Web 3.0?
Released: 9-Mar-2022 11:20 AM EST
What is Web 3.0?
Arizona State University (ASU)

Web 1.0 is when the internet began. Web 2.0 is characterized by interactivity. Web 3.0 is about data ownership, enabled by blockchain technology.

Released: 10-Dec-2021 4:20 PM EST
Has winter blown off course? ASU professors discuss how a lack of snow is impacting drought, water supply, and tourism in the West
Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU News enlisted the state’s climatologist and a tourism expert to discuss this year’s cause and effects of snow, or lack thereof, and the impacts to our water supply and economy.

Newswise: facial-graphic-2.png?itok=WqoPm8fB.jpg
Released: 22-Nov-2021 2:55 PM EST
The ethical implications of facial recognition technology
Arizona State University (ASU)

Ethics experts weigh in on Facebook’s move to halt facial recognition

Released: 16-Nov-2021 5:55 PM EST
The rent is due ... now what do we do?
Arizona State University (ASU)

Between the reported uptick in eviction filings and rising rent prices, families are struggling to find an affordable place to live. Mark Stapp, the director of the Master of Real Estate Development program at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business explains why policy changes are needed to address this emerging crisis.

Released: 4-Nov-2021 1:45 PM EDT
Supply chain strategy: The challenges that persist and the best way to move forward
Arizona State University (ASU)

Hitendra Chaturvedi, a professor of practice at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University warns about a rising trade deficit; discusses whether onshoring/nearshoring can streamline the supply chain; and provides insight into the "Great Resignation" and explains why there will be a "Great Homecoming" in the workforce in the near future.

Newswise: adamfine_2020.png?itok=suJn-4mw.jpg
Released: 28-Oct-2021 3:30 PM EDT
Punishment alone isn't the deterrent many think it is, ASU professor says in new book
Arizona State University (ASU)

Adam Fine, an ASU assistant professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University, has co-written a book on misbehavior.

Released: 22-Oct-2021 8:45 AM EDT
Where's my package? ASU expert finds kinks in global supply chain
Arizona State University (ASU)

Associate Professor Robert Wiedmer from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University has researched two disruptive disasters, including the 2011 tsunami in Japan, and he sees parallels to what's happening now. He explains that there will other global supply chain disruptors in the future.

Newswise: 9-11_construction_hero.jpg?itok=1R7iYmzt.jpg
Released: 9-Sep-2021 8:30 AM EDT
Engineering students still learning from collapse of World Trade Center
Arizona State University (ASU)

We study the lessons we learned in terms of the design of structures. The forensic analyses from the World Trade Center are a window to the importance of evaluating all potential modes of failure.

Newswise: solar-panel-clouds-sky-windmill-shutterstock_91355138-1920x1080-72dpi-980x551.jpg
Released: 3-Sep-2021 4:35 PM EDT
Getting a greener grid
Arizona State University (ASU)

Renewable energy sources now represent 20% of the electricity generated in America. The proposed infrastructure bill seeks to expand renewables, but doesn't outline how it will happen.

Newswise: imani_microwaveinfrastructurepexelssm.jpg
Released: 2-Sep-2021 9:00 AM EDT
Microwaves improve imaging systems, hasten infrastructure evaluation
Arizona State University (ASU)

Limitations of microwave imaging are size, weight, power consumption and cost. New research using metamaterials simplifies speed and capacity.

Released: 10-Aug-2021 3:15 PM EDT
Biden's Road to Carbon Reduction Leads with Electric Vehicles
Arizona State University (ASU)

Steve Polzin, Ph.D., recently completed an appointment as the senior advisor for research and technology in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology at the DOT, and provided expert testimony to the Senate Subcommittee in May. He offers insight about Biden's new plan for electric vehicles.

Released: 10-Aug-2021 8:50 AM EDT
California Wildfires Make Underground Utilities an Infrastructure Priority
Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University Professor Samuel Ariatratnam, an expert in trenchless technologies, answers questions about the significance of PG&E's plan to take utilities underground in wildfire vulnerable areas.

Released: 28-Jun-2021 5:35 PM EDT
Arizona's Economic Forecast: Will the State See a Rebound in Summer Tourism?
Arizona State University (ASU)

Despite the Valley’s high temperatures, the appeal of traveling and enjoying leisure activities and entertainment around the state exists and contributes to the state’s overall tourism tax revenue. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, Arizona’s estimated tax revenue from lodging, restaurants and bars, retail and amusement was well over $67 million in June alone, according to the Arizona Office of Tourism. So what’s Arizona’s summer economic forecast for 2021 after a cautious pandemic year?

Released: 14-Jun-2021 6:00 AM EDT
How Will We Protect American Infrastructure from Cyberattacks
Arizona State University (ASU)

While the Biden administration negotiates an infrastructure package, ASU experts offer insight about the protective role cybersecurity must play

Released: 13-May-2021 3:05 PM EDT
Colonial Pipeline Hack Is Latest Example of Cybersecurity Threats to Physical Infrastructure
Arizona State University (ASU)

Ransomware and security: ASU Expert answers questions about securing the private side of the nation's infrastructure.

Released: 8-Jan-2021 2:55 PM EST
FAQs Regarding the Police Response to the Storming of the U.S. Capitol from experts at Arizona State University
Arizona State University (ASU)

On Jan. 6, 2021, the U.S. Capitol was stormed in a manner not seen since the War of 1812. To many, the ease of the assault was shocking, highlighting differences in how law enforcement has approached other protests. Faculty from Arizona State University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice are helping to answer some of the questions that Americans understandably have about the incident.

Released: 2-Dec-2020 1:45 PM EST
With COVID-19, will snowbirds still answer the call of warmer weather?
Arizona State University (ASU)

Christine Vogt is the director of Arizona State University's Center for Sustainable Tourism in the School of Community Resources and Development. Vogt has done research for over two decades in the areas of recreation, parks and tourism. She shares what kind of tourism changes we can expect to see this snowbird season.

Released: 16-Oct-2020 7:00 PM EDT
SCOTUS hearings: What Judge Barrett’s confirmation could mean
Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU law scholars explain the impact the confirmation could have on existing public health, health care and reproductive laws

Released: 15-Sep-2020 6:30 PM EDT
School resource officers part of problematic punitive approach to education, ASU expert says
Arizona State University (ASU)

Elizabeth Anthony, an associate professor in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University, researches the effectiveness of school resource officers and believes the number of SROs should be decreased and the number of social workers on campus increased.

Released: 5-Aug-2020 7:20 AM EDT
Professor studies how police officers manage heightened situations
Arizona State University (ASU)

William Terrill, a professor of criminology at Arizona State University, has studied police behavior and culture for more than 20 years, starting in the 1990s.

Released: 22-Jul-2020 5:05 PM EDT
Music therapy goes virtual in the midst of the pandemic
Arizona State University (ASU)

How one professor's quick thinking allowed music therapy to play on for clients at home

Released: 17-Jul-2020 7:05 AM EDT
When it comes to longevity, any exercise is good exercise
Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU sociologist finds team-oriented exercises benefit us socially and can also increase life span

Released: 9-Jun-2020 8:05 AM EDT
Is This the End of DACA?
Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU Law professor talks about the possible outcomes of the upcoming Supreme Court DACA ruling

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