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Released: 16-Dec-2020 2:05 PM EST
Education professors provide tips for K-12 parents, teachers for online learning
Cornell College

K–12 schools are offering education in a way the country and the world has never seen before. Cornell College education professors offer tips for parents and teachers for successful online learning.

Released: 2-Apr-2019 3:50 PM EDT
Researcher Pushes Medical Professionals to Examine Cardiac Biomarker in Eating Disorder Patients
Cornell College

Research continues to prove that a cardiac biomarker is an important key to assessing treatment progress in women with eating disorders.

Released: 17-May-2017 12:05 PM EDT
Professor Available to Discuss Travel and Economics
Cornell College

This travel season, a new book is out that features economic concepts that all travelers should understand. The author uses real-life examples throughout the pages of the book, hoping readers learn to think deeply about what they see.

Released: 23-Feb-2015 2:00 PM EST
Professor Examines Causes of Financial Crises
Cornell College

Cornell College economics and business Professor Todd Knoop has written his fourth textbook, which explores the causes of business cycles and includes information and data gathered during the 2008 global financial crisis and its aftermath.

Released: 13-Mar-2014 1:00 PM EDT
Condon Publishes New Research in Science
Cornell College

Marty Condon, professor of biology at Cornell College, has been studying flies in the tropics for years, and in a paper published in the journal Science, she reports evidence that there is more to a fly’s ecological niche than where it lives and what it eats—you have to look at what eats the fly, as well.

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