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Newswise: Sheldon%2003032.jpg?itok=51H0gNdJ
Released: 7-Feb-2024 11:50 AM EST
Dawes’ deep dive into Marley lyrics spurred by lifelong love, Jamaican connections
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Victorious over the many booby traps that guarded his older brother’s bedroom, a 17-year-old Kwame Dawes perched on the edge of his sibling’s neatly made bed and relaxed as the rhythms of a new Bob Marley and the Wailers album flowed from the record player.

Newswise: 20231127-drillsite-nt.jpg?itok=nUwV1nsj
Released: 27-Nov-2023 4:05 PM EST
Husker expertise featured in new Antarctic study
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A multinational team of scientists, drillers and engineers has deployed to a remote part of Antarctica on an urgent mission to predict how fast the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will melt from global and ocean warming.

Released: 27-Apr-2022 3:45 PM EDT
Langvardt Discusses Free-Speech Implications of Musk's Twitter Purchase
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Elon Musk has a difficult and probably impossible task ahead of him, because free speech ideals aren't well-suited to social media. Platform administrators -- even those with strong libertarian impulses -- wind up policing online speech.

Released: 29-Nov-2021 11:50 AM EST
Can United Nations conference save Antarctic glaciers?
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska scientist says time is running out for West Antarctic ice sheet

Released: 24-May-2019 12:05 PM EDT
How Game of Thrones embraced the Platonic Ideal
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Aaron Duncan, professor of communication studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discusses how Game of Thrones' characters and plots embodied the ideals of Plato.

Released: 9-Dec-2016 11:05 AM EST
Beer Epiphany: How Brand-Name Beer Drinkers Become Craft Beer "Aficionados"
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Andre Maciel, an assistant marketing professor at Nebraska, spent three years studying craft beer drinkers and how they train their taste buds to prefer craft beer over mass-market brands.

Released: 28-Sep-2016 3:05 PM EDT
Husker Debate Coach: Clinton Scores Higher in 'Personality Contest'
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump probably wouldn’t make the University of Nebraska-Lincoln debate team, judging by their respective performances during Sept. 26's first presidential debate.

Released: 12-Nov-2014 5:00 PM EST
Historic Comet Landing Highlights Space Law Mission
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Space law experts at the University of Nebraska say the Philae probe's touchdown on the surface of a comet heightens their mission to resolve the legal dilemmas of space

Released: 22-May-2012 12:00 PM EDT
Space Lawyer: Before Humans Step Into Commercial Spaceflight, Laws Need Giant Leap
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

SpaceX’s launch to the International Space Station opens a new era in commercial spaceflight -- and raises questions about what laws govern private space companies and what legal obstacles affect future human space travel.

Released: 26-Apr-2012 1:25 PM EDT
Space Law Expert: Before First Asteroids Are Mined, Legal Framework Must Be Improved
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Entrepreneurs' announced venture to extract water and precious metals from asteroids has generated excitement, but it comes amid a vague legal landscape that could complicate plans for space mining, an international space law expert said this week.

Released: 30-Nov-2011 5:00 PM EST
Newspaper Purchase Is Buffett's Style, Will Help Innovation, Experts Say
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Berkshire Hathaway's pending acquisition of the Omaha World-Herald Co. is true to CEO Warren Buffett’s investment style and should signal an era of innovation in its halls, a pair of scholars said.

Released: 21-Jul-2011 11:25 AM EDT
Space Law Expert: Shuttle's End Opens New Era, New Legal Issues in Spaceflight
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Atlantis' return to earth marks the end of an era, but also opens an unprecedented age of private and commercial spaceflight that will require international collaboration to keep watch over the practice, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and internationally renowned space law expert said.