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Released: 10-Apr-2020 9:55 AM EDT
Professor Makes COVID-19 Acrylic Hoods for Hospital
Northern Michigan University

A human-centered design professor at Northern Michigan University collaborated with an emergency room physician to create an extra shield of COVID-19 protection between patients and health care providers.

Released: 25-Mar-2020 10:40 AM EDT
NMU Launches Indoor Agriculture Program
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University will begin offering an indoor agriculture associate degree program this fall. Through a hands-on, multidisciplinary approach, graduates learn equally about plant biology and the construction/maintenance of indoor growing systems, preparing them for a variety of career opportunities.

Released: 26-Nov-2019 2:15 PM EST
Bridging Climate Change Disconnects
Northern Michigan University

There is overwhelming evidentiary support and consensus within the scientific community related to climate change, but an NMU professor says the keys to meaningful change include effective communication that recognizes the sources of resistance and connects with audience members through an emphasis on shared values.

Released: 26-Nov-2019 12:05 PM EST
NMU and Shimadzu Dedicate Medicinal Plant Chemistry Lab
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University students enrolled in the nation's first medicinal plant chemistry program have access to cutting-edge instrumentation used in and beyond the cannabis industry through NMU's partnership with Shimadzu. Representatives of both entities recently dedicated a new lab on campus.

Released: 13-Dec-2016 10:30 AM EST
NMU Offers New Medicinal Plant Chemistry Degree
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University will offer the only four-year degree of its kind in medicinal plant chemistry that combines experimental horticulture and advanced analytical chemistry with an optional entrepreneurial track. Students will gain knowledge and skills applicable to the emerging cannabis and herbal supplement industries, food and fermentation science, environmental analysis, various lab positions or graduate school.

Released: 13-Dec-2016 10:05 AM EST
NMU Seeks to Increase Indigenous Women in STEM
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University has received nearly $300,000 from the National Science Foundation for a project to increase the number of American Indian and Alaska Native women in STEM fields and train K-16 educators to introduce American Indian methods and materials in the curriculum.

Released: 25-Jul-2016 10:05 AM EDT
NMU Archaeology Class Unearths Beaver Island History
Northern Michigan University

Relatively little physical evidence exists of the early occupants and fascinating history of Beaver Island on Lake Michigan, A Northern Michigan University summer archaeology field school is gradually filling that void while giving students hands-on experience in excavation techniques and artifact analysis.

Released: 25-Jul-2016 10:05 AM EDT
NMU Student Teaches Visually Impaired Woman to Golf
Northern Michigan University

When a 62-year-old visually impaired woman expressed an interest in learning to hit a ball off a tee for a Leader Dogs for the Blind charity golf tourney, an NMU student was eager to accept the challenge.

Released: 22-Jul-2016 8:05 AM EDT
Students Expand Perspective of Birds
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University students who participated in a recent field ornithology class recorded interactions with more than 175 bird species in various habitats. They saw raptors pepper the sky over Brockway Mountain during the spring migration, owls being banded by researchers at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and barn swallows nesting beneath the bridge where the AuTrain River spills into Lake Superior. Some were surprised to spot American white pelicans this far north.

Released: 8-Jan-2016 4:05 PM EST
Project Removes Pets from Abusive Environment
Northern Michigan University

Some domestic and sexual abuse survivors delay or refuse safe shelter because they can't take their companion animals with them. A collaborative project offers foster care for pets so survivors will be more likely to seek their own protection.

Released: 30-Nov-2015 2:05 PM EST
NMU Art Museum Loans Shiras Prints to Paris Exhibit
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University's DeVos Art Museum loaned several prints by renowned wildlife photographer George Shiras III to an exhibition at the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris.

Released: 10-Dec-2014 4:00 PM EST
Use-of-Force Simulator in University Program Promotes Early Problem-Solving Under Pressure
Northern Michigan University

The debate continues over whether recent police responses that resulted in citizen deaths were justified or excessive. Northern Michigan University's criminal justice program has purchased a use-of-force simulator. Such units are typically reserved for limited use in police academies or professional training. They provide realistic law enforcement scenarios designed to enhance rapid problem-solving skills. NMU's simulator will give students early and frequent exposure to some 700 potential scenarios and update/improve criminal justice education, which "has been stagnant for too long."

Released: 16-Oct-2014 2:00 PM EDT
Students on Front Line Taking Ideas From Concept to Market
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University students are gaining marketable skills helping real-world clients with innovative product ideas.

Released: 18-Aug-2014 9:45 AM EDT
Drum Completes Ultra Run of Pictured Rocks, Isle Royale
Northern Michigan University

Scott Drum completed an ultra run of the combined 83.5 mile length of both Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Isle Royale National Park. The Northern Michigan University health and human performance professor set a probable fastest known time (FKT) for the effort.

Released: 21-Nov-2012 5:00 PM EST
Sandy Outage Underscores Need for Trained Personnel
Northern Michigan University

As the power outages in the aftermath of Sandy made clear, it is critical the U.S. have an adequate number of trained personnel to maintain and work the country's power grid. But despite industry demand, significant job opportunities and decent pay, recruiting students into these programs has been challenging.

Released: 23-Oct-2012 5:40 PM EDT
Native American Ancestors' Diet Part of Study and Challenge
Northern Michigan University

A diverse group of volunteers has committed one year to eating foods indigenous to the Great Lakes region in an effort to replicate the Native American diet prior to colonization.

Released: 22-May-2012 3:35 PM EDT
U.S. Veterans Receive in-State Tuition at NMU
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University has announced the new NMU Veterans Scholarship for all eligible U.S. military veterans who want to pursue a college degree.

Released: 27-Oct-2010 2:45 PM EDT
Michigan Election Expert Available
Northern Michigan University

A Northern Michigan University political science professor is available to share his expertise with the media for Michigan election coverage.

Released: 28-Apr-2010 2:00 PM EDT
Prusi Will Address Nmu Graduates
Northern Michigan University

Sen. Mike Prusi, who represents Michigan's 38th district, will address Northern Michigan University graduates and receive an honorary degree.

Released: 7-Dec-2009 4:35 PM EST
New Book Explores U.S. Passenger Rail
Northern Michigan University

James McCommons, a Northern Michigan University English professor and writer, spent a year riding the rails and conducting interviews for a new book on passenger rail service in the United States.

Released: 4-Dec-2009 5:00 PM EST
Researchers Uncover Pictured Rocks History
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University geography researchers completed a three-year study that offers new insights on the history of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Released: 4-Dec-2009 4:35 PM EST
Holocaust Survivor to Speak at NMU Commencement
Northern Michigan University

Holocaust survivor Erna Blitzer Gorman will address Northern Michigan University graduates on Saturday, Dec. 12.

Released: 21-Aug-2009 8:30 AM EDT
NMU Launches New WiMAX Network
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University deployed one of the largest active WiMAX networks in the country Thursday, as it entered the 10th year of its campus-wide notebook computer program. WiMAX offers broadband wireless Internet access and is capable of transmitting data over broad areas with less interference and more efficient bandwidth use than the more common WiFi.

Released: 15-May-2009 1:00 PM EDT
University, Hospital Collaborate on Brain Tumor Center
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University and its neighbor, Marquette General Hospital, joined forces to create the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center. The team is researching ways to silence the Zbtb7 gene, which is present in malignant brain tumors. It has also developed a combined PET/MRI method for earlier diagnosis of recurrent tumors.

Released: 17-Apr-2009 2:45 PM EDT
New Video Disputes Abusers' Claim 'Alcohol Made Me Do It'
Northern Michigan University

Based on research showing that men's violence against women is often blamed on their alcohol use, a new documentary explores and shatters the myth that it is the alcohol that causes men to be violent. It features survivors' compelling stories and additional insights from professionals in domestic violence, substance abuse and policing.

Released: 16-Jun-2008 4:00 PM EDT
Residence Halls Achieve 'Green Building' Status
Northern Michigan University

Many universities are putting an increased emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. Some have adopted a "build green" approach to new construction projects. Relatively few others, such as Northern Michigan University, have found that it's also possible--albeit more challenging--to renovate existing facilities to meet sustainability benchmarks. NMU is home to two of eight LEED-certified renovated residence halls in the United States and the first in the Midwest.

Released: 30-Apr-2008 10:00 AM EDT
Orbitz's Shaughnessy to Speak at NMU Commencement
Northern Michigan University

Jim Shaughnessy, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary of Orbitz Worldwide, will speak at Northern's May 3 commencement. The NMU alumnus will also receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

Released: 21-Dec-2007 3:00 PM EST
Subversive Expression Fuels Social Change
Northern Michigan University

A recent book examines the writings of early feminists who used subversive expression to promote advanced education for women. The book focuses on a period more than 200 years ago, but the author says the strategies are relevant to modern political discourse regarding such issues as the environment, Iraq and same-sex marriage.

Newswise: Gender Differences in Aging Reassessed
Released: 4-Jun-2006 2:10 PM EDT
Gender Differences in Aging Reassessed
Northern Michigan University

Men may have shorter life spans and higher mortality rates than women, but it's not because they age earlier, according to a recently published article by three Northern Michigan University biology professors. They say females exhibit signs of physiological decline earlier than males, and that--contrary to popular belief--mortality is not necessarily linked to the rate at which people age.

Released: 10-Jun-2005 4:05 PM EDT
Media Fellowship on Aging at Northern Michigan University
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University will be the site of a two-day conference on aging for journalists Aug. 17-18. The event is part of the 2005 Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Media Fellowships Program. The application deadline is June 15.

Released: 29-Apr-2005 11:00 AM EDT
NMU Announces Commencement Speaker
Northern Michigan University

Seattle business attorney T. Dennis George will be the featured commencement speaker at his alma mater, Northern Michigan University. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 7.

Released: 28-Oct-2004 9:10 AM EDT
Fifteen Frightful Films Recommended for Halloween
Northern Michigan University

Just in time for Halloween, Northern Michigan University's Leonard Heldreth serves up his recommendations for 15 frightful films that will add to the spirited celebration. As a film critic and co-editor of "The Blood is Life: Vampires in Literature," he offers a well-qualified opinion.

Released: 30-Jul-2004 4:30 PM EDT
Student Designs Greeting Cards for Breakups
Northern Michigan University

A Northern Michigan University student has used her graphic design skills to create a line of greeting cards specifically intended for breaking up with someone.

Released: 16-Jun-2004 8:30 AM EDT
Unique Raffle Supports Education, Economic Development
Northern Michigan University

A non-profit organization is raffling off "A Slice of Heaven," a secluded cabin in the Upper Peninsula wilderness, to raise funds for education and workforce development programs.

Released: 23-Apr-2004 5:10 PM EDT
Archibald is Commencement Speaker
Northern Michigan University

Robert Archibald, president of the Missouri Historical Society and of the national Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, will speak at spring commencement May 1.

Released: 8-May-2003 12:00 AM EDT
Dogs Beneficial in Speech-Language Therapy
Northern Michigan University

The word is out: dogs are more than our best friends. Helen Kahn, professor of communication disorders at Northern Michigan University, set out to document why animal-assisted therapy works, specifically in speech-language pathology.

Released: 16-Nov-2002 12:00 AM EST
Communication Help for Caregivers of Alzheimers Patients
Northern Michigan University

Individuals who suffer memory loss due to Alzheimer's or other conditions often have trouble communicating with their caregivers. This can create stress for both parties.

Released: 7-Nov-2000 12:00 AM EST
Edmund Fitzgerald Tragedy Inspires Theater Production
Northern Michigan University

Playwright Shelley Russell's latest effort is Holdin' Our Own: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The play opens at Northern Michigan University Nov. 8 -- two days before the 25th anniversary of the tragedy

Released: 25-Aug-2000 12:00 AM EDT
University Launches Major Laptop Computer Initiative
Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University in Marquette will issue 4,200 IBM ThinkPads(r) to full-time undergraduate students through Aug.27. This will mark IBM's largest single distribution at a public university.

Released: 28-Apr-2000 12:00 AM EDT
Michigan's First Lady to Address NMU Grads
Northern Michigan University

Michigan First Lady Michelle Engler will be the featured speaker at Northern Michigan University commencement exercises, April 29, and she will also receive an honorary doctor of humanities degree from NMU.

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