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Released: 28-Feb-2023 10:05 AM EST
The claim that U.S. temperatures are not trending upward is false

It is simply false to claim that data from the Climate Reference Network show no warming over the last 18 years. There is a warming trend. Even if it was true, the US represents only 1.9 % of the Earth's surface.

Released: 24-Feb-2023 2:15 PM EST
We cannot predict earthquakes with accuracy, despite claim

The claim a Dutch researcher predicted the February earthquake in Turkey and Syria would happen three days before it occurred is misleading. Despite the accuracy of his prediction, scientists cannot predict when and where an earthquake will occur.

Released: 14-Feb-2023 10:05 AM EST
Fact-checking the reporting of the explosion in East Palestine, Ohio

Expert cautions that the statement, "We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open," is irresponsible.

Released: 13-Feb-2023 7:00 AM EST
The claim that forest trees “talk” through underground fungi is questionable

The claim that adult trees preferentially send resources or “warning signals” of insect damage to young trees through common mycorrhizal networks (CMNs), is not backed up by a single peer-reviewed, published field study.

Released: 31-Jan-2023 9:00 AM EST
Tying past mass extinctions with low atmospheric CO2 is false

Attempts to discredit human-caused climate change by touting graphs of prehistoric atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature changes are not something new. Peter Clack has once again tried to make a point that current atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are comparatively low compared to past eras. But just because we're in an advantageous era compared to past eras, it does not negate the cause for alarm concerning our current warming trend.

Released: 26-Jan-2023 11:00 AM EST
Attributing the rising costs of groceries to “price gouging” is not accurate

Is putting the blame on grocery store managers for your rising costs of orange juice accurate? It’s not quite that simple.

Released: 12-Jan-2023 9:00 AM EST
The Federal Government Is Not Going to Seize Your Gas Stove, but Environmental Health Concerns May Lead to Regulations

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a federal agency, is not currently considering a ban on gas stoves. Therefore the claim that the government is banning gas stoves or that they plan on seizing people’s stoves is false.

Released: 5-Jan-2023 9:35 AM EST
Masks still work to reduce the transmission of respiratory disease

As we dive deep into a new wave of COVID-19 infections this winter, the value of masking is back in public discourse.

Released: 16-Dec-2022 12:00 PM EST
Inoculation from the vaccine does not transfer over to blood transfusion patient

The claim that a blood transfusion could pass on the inoculation from a vaccine is entirely false.

Released: 30-Nov-2022 2:50 PM EST
Scientists did not release a zombie plague by reviving a dormant virus, but their warning of a potential public health crisis is legitimate

A team of researchers uncovered an ancient “pandoravirus” from underneath a frozen lake in Siberia. The virus was found along with others in the Siberian permafrost. Scientists say the viruses could help us prepare for pandemic-level issues as the permafrost thaws.

Released: 18-Nov-2022 11:15 AM EST
There’s no evidence that U.S. aid money sent to Ukraine was then used to invest in FTX as a money laundering scheme

The news that FTX, the cryptocurrency company, filed for bankruptcy protection amid news it was short billions of dollars has spawned many conspiracy theories being shared on social media.

Released: 15-Nov-2022 2:05 PM EST
There is no evidence that “immunity debt” is real, however, the end of COVID-19 mitigation efforts means a higher risk for viral infections

Some people believe that public health measures against COVID-19, including masking and social distancing, have resulted in children getting more sick now because of a weakened immune system. Experts disagree about whether “immunity debt” is a real phenomenon or convenient pseudoscience.

Released: 1-Nov-2022 11:35 AM EDT
The addition of the COVID vaccine to the childhood immunization schedule is a recommendation, not a mandate

COVID-19 vaccinations effectively reduce severe symptoms, hospitalizations, and death, which is why the Centers of Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will vote to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended vaccine schedule for children.

Released: 21-Oct-2022 9:30 AM EDT
Neither Pfizer nor the government ever claimed to have conducted studies on the vaccine's effect on transmission in its original clinical trials

Pfizer didn’t claim to have tested its COVID-19 vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission, and this information was clearly available in press releases published by the European Medicines Agency as well as the published study containing results from Pfizer’s clinical trials.

Released: 14-Oct-2022 3:55 PM EDT
Recent news of recovery in the Great Barrier Reef brings hope, but climate change-induced ocean warming is still causing massive bleaching of coral

Good news in the report about the recovery of coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. However, this news is not a reason for dismissing the severe effect that climate change-induced ocean warming is bringing to coral reefs in the GBR and throughout the world, says Prof.

Released: 11-Oct-2022 3:35 PM EDT
Do Colonoscopies Save Lives?
Fight Colorectal Cancer

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study that suggests the benefits of colonoscopies for cancer screening may be overestimated. Media reports around this new study may be misleading. National nonprofits Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) and Colon Cancer Coalition are united in ensuring that the colorectal cancer (CRC) community and those who are eligible for screening understand that getting screened for CRC does save lives.

Released: 7-Oct-2022 8:55 AM EDT
Climate change does not cause hurricanes, but it is very likely climate change caused Hurricane Ian to be more destructive

While towns across Florida and the Carolinas are cleaning up in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian and the death toll climbs, several high profile climate change skeptics are questioning the connection between the hurricane and human-caused climate change.

Released: 30-Sep-2022 11:50 AM EDT
Yes, coffee can help you live longer and protect you from cardiovascular disease, with a few caveats

The possible health benefits of coffee have been percolating in the news for years: Coffee can lower your risk for diabetes, coffee may protect against disease and even some cancers, etc. More recently, headlines claim that coffee can extend your life or reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Good news, coffee lovers. The claim is mostly true.

Released: 26-Sep-2022 9:40 AM EDT
The COVID pandemic is over? Not quite there, say scientists

With the rollout of boosters of life-saving vaccines, new treatments, and a large population already infected, the U.S. is in a less vulnerable place than it was in 2020. However, the death toll, while lower than before, is still at around 400 deaths per day from COVID-19 in the U.S.

Released: 16-Sep-2022 11:30 AM EDT
Wind turbines recoup the energy required to build them within a year of normal operation

The fact is that wind turbines recoup the energy required to build them within a year of normal operation, according to researchers, earning these claims a rating of False.

Released: 9-Sep-2022 12:00 PM EDT
The UK did not ban the use of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant women

Despite recent claims on social media, the UK government has not changed its position on pregnant or breastfeeding women getting the COVID booster. The NHS says the vaccine is both safe and strongly recommended for this group.

Released: 26-Aug-2022 8:45 AM EDT
Images from the James Webb Telescope Do Not Disprove The Big Bang Theory

Recent observations by the James Webb Space Telescope have not disproven the widely regarded Big Bang Theory, despite certain articles claiming otherwise.

Released: 22-Aug-2022 8:55 AM EDT
The increase in funding for the IRS is not going create an army of agents that will come after you

The Inflation Reduction Act includes $79 billion for the IRS. Many political figures are reacting incredulously to this long-sought budget increase. The Fox News host Brian Kilmeade has warned his viewers that “Joe Biden’s new army” of armed IRS agents could “hunt down and kill middle-class taxpayers that don’t pay enough”.

Released: 12-Aug-2022 2:05 PM EDT
Newly updated CDC guidelines do not invalidate the protection that COVID-19 vaccines offer

The claim that the new CDC guidelines prove that the authorized vaccines for COVID-19 do not provide any protection is false.

Released: 5-Aug-2022 4:00 PM EDT
Monkeypox can spread through contaminated clothing, although it's more likely to spread through physical contact

We rate this claim as mostly true. Among the ways monkeypox can spread is by "Touching objects, fabrics (clothing, bedding, or towels), and surfaces that have been used by someone with monkeypox," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection.

Released: 29-Jul-2022 8:55 AM EDT
Don't throw away your antidepressants just yet

While the review has made headlines for “debunking” the serotonin imbalance theory, it is important not to jump to conclusions on the efficacy of antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Released: 22-Jul-2022 2:05 PM EDT
Herschel Walker's claim on how China's "bad air" would move over to America is grossly inaccurate

In speaking about the Green New Deal, Herschel Walker, the former professional football player vying for a Senate seat in Georgia, incorrectly suggested that U.S. climate efforts were pointless because “China’s bad air” would simply move over into American “air space.”

Released: 15-Jul-2022 3:05 PM EDT
Relief from high gas prices is not likely to come from more drilling, as many politicians are demanding

U.S oil and gas production is just one of many elements that drive the global oil and gas market.

Released: 11-Jul-2022 8:40 AM EDT
Abe assassination is a rare act of gun violence in Japan

The assassination of Shinzo Abe in Japan, where guns are strictly regulated, is not proof that gun laws have failed to prevent gun violence.

Released: 30-Jun-2022 2:05 PM EDT
Abortion, defined as the termination of pregnancy, can be necessary to save a woman’s life

Contrary to claims made online, certain medical conditions may require the termination of a pregnancy to avoid fatal complications for the mother.

Released: 17-Jun-2022 12:30 PM EDT
It is very unlikely Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt syndrome and Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s blood clot were caused by COVID-19 vaccines

Skeptics of the COVID-19 vaccines are claiming that Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis and Haley Beiber's blood clot were caused by the vaccine. There is no evidence of this. It is more likely Beiber's facial paralysis is caused by the virus itself than the vaccine.

Released: 10-Jun-2022 2:30 PM EDT
Rising temperatures may cause a rise in carbon dioxide, but this does not refute human-caused climate change

The rise in temperature before a rise in carbon dioxide has led some to conclude that carbon dioxide simply cannot be responsible for current global warming. We find this claim to be misleading because it fails to tell the whole story. Increasing CO2 levels can be the cause AND effect of further warming.

Released: 3-Jun-2022 2:00 PM EDT
Monkeypox is not shingles and there is no evidence that the Monkeypox outbreak has anything to do with the COVID-19 vaccines

The claim that the available COVID-19 vaccines are behind the monkeypox outbreak, and that monkeypox is basically shingles, which they claim is a side effect of the vaccines, is entirely false.

Released: 26-May-2022 3:30 PM EDT
Video does not accurately portray the risk of secondhand exposure to fentanyl

A video posted on the CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) does not accurately portray the risk of secondhand exposure to fentanyl, according to emergency medicine physician.

Released: 20-May-2022 4:05 PM EDT
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has jeopardized food supplies, despite Russian Foreign Minister's claim

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is disrupting food supply chains and causing food shortages worldwide, particularly in the Middle East.

Released: 13-May-2022 1:30 PM EDT
Bill Gates-backed artificial breast milk company is not responsible for the baby formula shortage

There’s no evidence that an investment in BIOMILQ – a startup that makes artificial breast milk has anything to do with the baby formula shortage. The shortage is caused by supply chain problems and a recall of formula owned by Abbott Nutrition.

Released: 6-May-2022 2:05 PM EDT
The newly released Pfizer documents do not show that their COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe

Pfizer has NOT declared their COVID vaccines unsafe for pregnancy and breastfeeding women, despite misleading claims on social media, nor have they said that the real efficacy rate for their vaccine (COMIRNATY) is 12 percent.

Released: 29-Apr-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Elon Musk's Political Spectrum Meme Is Not Quite Accurate

Musk's meme suggests conservatives haven't really changed. However, according to research, Republicans have moved further to the right than Democrats have to the left.

Released: 15-Apr-2022 11:25 AM EDT
Alabama Gov. Ivey's 'stolen election' claim in a campaign ad is still unfounded

In a reelection campaign ad, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, claimed without proof, that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. There is still no evidence of election fraud.

Released: 8-Apr-2022 9:00 AM EDT
Deceptive Cuts Show Biden Out of Context, Not Evidence of Mental Decline

Pattern of clips taken out of context to create the implication that president is unfit for office

Released: 5-Apr-2022 12:55 PM EDT
Prehistoric changes in climate do not disprove current climate science

The conclusion that climate change is natural, therefore humans have nothing to do with it, or that we shouldn't do anything about it, is misleading.

Released: 25-Mar-2022 2:05 PM EDT
Yes, microplastics have been found in human blood

An article says that microplastics have been found in human blood for the first time. We rate this claim as true, although more studies are needed to determine if these substances in humans are associated with a public health risk.

Released: 17-Mar-2022 12:05 PM EDT
Conspiracists Push Baseless Story of US-Backed Bioweapons in Ukraine

Certain media outlets and social media posts are making the claim that the United States has established several biolabs in Ukraine, inferring that they contain dangerous bioweapons. We find this claim to be false. The U.S. does not fund bioweapons research in Ukraine. It has only supported preventative public health measures to contain infectious diseases, and prevention of bioweapon proliferation.

Released: 11-Mar-2022 8:05 AM EST
When it comes to masks, the claim that they do nothing is entirely false

Political commentator and radio host Clay Travis expressed his disdain for the federal mask mandates for travel on commercial airlines. We rate the claim that "masks do nothing" as false. It has been proven that masks have helped prevent the spread of SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Released: 4-Mar-2022 9:40 AM EST
Schumer's claim that only one percent of the oil imported to the U.S. is from Russia is not correct

During a press conference, a reporter asked Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY, “What do you make of Senator Manchin’s proposal to have more domestic oil production?” Schumer answered, "the U.S. is a major oil producer; we only get one percent of any imports from Russia.” We find this claim to be mostly false. Although it fluctuates month to month, about 8% of the oil imported to the U.S. is from Russia.

Released: 23-Feb-2022 6:35 PM EST
The claim that 'Russia, throughout all of its history, has never attacked anyone' is false

The claim that "Russia, throughout all of its history, has never attacked anyone" is false.

Released: 15-Feb-2022 4:45 PM EST
Electric cars have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cars, despite claim

We find the claim about the overall environmental impact of electric vehicles misleading.

Released: 9-Feb-2022 4:05 PM EST
The inference that a 40 percent increase in the death rate of Americans 18 to 64 is caused by vaccines is baseless

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk suggested that COVID-19 vaccines are contributing to higher mortality rates in the U.S. over the last few years.

Newswise: Misleading Reuters Article Further Muddies Ivermectin Debate, Wire Agency Issues Correction
Released: 1-Feb-2022 12:35 PM EST
Misleading Reuters Article Further Muddies Ivermectin Debate, Wire Agency Issues Correction

For several hours on Monday, January 31, 2022, a misleading article from news agency Reuters lead to many readers sharing the report on social media as conclusive evidence of ivermectin’s effectiveness against COVID-19, and proof of the alleged conspiracy of suppressed research to blame for the anti-parasite drug’s current lack of approval by the United States Food & Drug Administration.

Released: 28-Jan-2022 3:40 PM EST
DeSantis Falsely Claims FDA Pulled Monoclonal Antibodies Without Science to Support Decision

When the FDA announced it was no longer authorizing two COVID-19 monoclonal antibody drugs in the U.S., Governor DeSantis, along with a many Republicans objected, saying they did this without data. However, recent lab studies strongly suggest the treatments will not help omicron-infected people.