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AHCPR Report Shows Businesses Can Negotiate Quality As Well As Lower Costs From Their Health Plans

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Employer market power can be a major force for promoting quality and value of health care for Americans, according to a new report by the federal government's Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR).

19-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Asian Markets Likely to Stay Unsettled

Michigan Technological University

If you own stocks or an export business and the uncertainty in Asian financial markets has you worried, don't expect any big changes soon.

14-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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MU Expert Advises Parents How to Use New IRA, Tax Laws for College Savings Plans

University of Missouri

For parents who are saving up to fund their childrenπs college educations, yesterdayπs savings strategies may not be best in light of new tax laws that went into effect this year, according to an expert from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

14-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Boston College's Carroll School of Management Receives $477,000 Grant From GE Fund for Innovative Curriculum Development Program

Boston College, Carroll School of Management

Boston College's Carroll School of Management has been awarded a $477,000 grant from the GE Fund "Learning Excellence" program to develop an innovative curriculum plan promoting interdisciplinary approaches to the solution of corporate business problems.

13-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Farmers Find Internet Latest Way to Talk over the Fence

Purdue University

Surveys show that farmers haven't grabbed hold of the Internet to the extent that the general population has, but many in agriculture expect that to change as the benefits of linking rural farms and businesses electronically becomes more apparent.

13-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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The Internet Over-Hyped as a Source for Tax Advice

Rider University

Professional tax preparers have been warned, and consumers would do well to heed the advice: income tax information you find on the World Wide Web is likely to be old, out-of-date, and just plain wrong, according to Alan Sumutka, professor of accounting at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ.

11-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Leadership in the workplace examined in new book edited by Notre Dame professor

University of Notre Dame

Robert Vecchio, the Franklin D. Schurz Professor of Management at the University of Notre Dame, has edited a new book on leadership in the workplace. Published by the University of Notre Dame Press, "Leadership: Understanding the Dynamics of Power and Influence in Organizations" is an anthology of key writings by leading scholars in the field.

10-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Cal Ripken, Jr., and Sinai Health System Form Partnership

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Baltimore Orioles third baseman, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Sinai Health System have formed a partnership to establish Cal Ripken, Jr., Sports Acceleration centers, advanced, sports-specific training programs for athletes. Sports Acceleration will develop several centers in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.

10-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Valentine's Day not Just for Lovers Anymore

University of Maine

It began long ago as a special day for lovers. But modern marketing has transformed St. Valentine's Day into a commercial holiday for all to enjoy, according to n assistant professor of marketing at the University of Maine.

7-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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Service Members' Financial Prolems Cost the Department of Defense Big Bucks

Virginia Tech

A Virginia Tech researcher estimates that the Department of Defense spends close to $1 billion annually on service members experiencing personal financial management difficulties.

6-Feb-1998 12:00 AM EST

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1195111960 of 12236

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