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Prominent Experts Available to Comment on Castro/Cuba

American University

Two prominent American University experts are available immediately to comment on the resignation of Fidel Castro and the future of Cuba and U.S.-Cuban relations: William LeoGrande and Phillip Brenner.

19-Feb-2008 2:45 PM EST

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 537896

Education: Not a Platform to Stand On?

Saint Joseph's University

There are many issues at the forefront of voters' minds as the 2008 presidential election grows nearer. Education, however, has not been one of them. But Encarna Rodriguez, Ph.D., assistant professor of education at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, believes it should be because of the impact on the future of our country.

19-Feb-2008 2:40 PM EST



Article ID: 537870

The Genetic Gold Rush Is On: New Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests Offer Information but Also Risks

Halstead Communications

"The increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer genetic tests to determine if you have a gene associated with a particular disease or medical condition is not without its risks," says Caroline Lieber, M.S., and Director of the Joan Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College (the first and still largest such program in the country and internationally).

19-Feb-2008 10:40 AM EST

Article ID: 537863

Expert Can Offer Unique Perspective on Beef Recall

Missouri University of Science and Technology

As the public reacts to the largest beef recall in the nation's history, a communications expert at Missouri University of Science and Technology can offer insight into why the Department of Agriculture's cattle-tagging system has failed.

18-Feb-2008 4:35 PM EST

Article ID: 537858

Expert: Pakistan Elections Tainted but Significant

University of Indianapolis

The circumstances surrounding Monday's parliamentary elections in Pakistan are far from optimal, but the outcome could be a positive first step toward democracy in a troubled nation that has become crucial to U.S. interests, according to an expert at the University of Indianapolis.

18-Feb-2008 2:45 PM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 537830

National Campus Safety and Security Expert Harold Huffman Available for Interviews

University of Findlay

Harold Huffman, campus safety and security program manager, is a nationally-consulted expert in the areas of prevention, response and recovery of educational-facility implemented violence from bullying to aggravated assault behaviors "“ all relevant issues in our state and nation.

15-Feb-2008 12:00 PM EST


Article ID: 536012

Security Authority Available To Speak About Northern Illinois University

Somerset International

Tragically, the Northern Illinois University and others like it illustrate the profound need for heightened security in large public spaces such as malls, corporate campuses, schools, and health care facilities. Security expert, John X. Adiletta discusses steps to improve security and public spaces and financial ramifications for increased security.

15-Feb-2008 8:55 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 537818

Expert Available To Discuss Recent Diabetes Study


Last week it was reported that the National Institutes of Health abruptly halted part of a major study on diabetes and heart disease following an unexpected number deaths among patient enrollees. "It is imperative for diabetic patients to take their condition seriously when it comes to controlling their glucose levels," says Richard M. Goldfarb, MD and medical director of the Buck County Clinical Research Center.

15-Feb-2008 12:00 AM EST

Article ID: 537813

Legal Expert Available to Comment on Independence Crisis in Kosovo

Indiana University

Kosovo is expected to declare independence from Serbia, possibly within days. Timothy Waters, an expert on the region, addresses the implications in terms of regional stability, international law and the fate of Serbs living in northern Kosovo.

14-Feb-2008 7:10 PM EST

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 537684

Expert Examines How Family Roles Shift During Conflict

Texas Tech University

The normal role a family member plays could change drastically during a conflict, according to a Texas Tech researcher.

11-Feb-2008 5:30 PM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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