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“Do You Use Protection?” American Academy of Dermatology Study Finds Half of Americans Are Not Protecting Themselves Against Sun Damage

American Academy of Dermatology

Skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer, yet new data shows Americans aren’t “practicing safe sun.” In a recent survey, the American Academy of Dermatology found only half of Americans always or almost always protect themselves from the sun when they’re outside—increasing their risk for skin cancer, including melanoma.

1-May-2019 9:50 AM EDT

Article ID: 712152

Cedars-Sinai Volunteer Uses Magic to Dazzle, Delight and Bring Joy


Cedars-Sinai volunteer Patricia Marquis, whose stage name is Patricia Magicia, uses magic for more than just entertainment. She uses her craft as a welcome distraction for patients facing an array of illnesses.

1-May-2019 6:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 712181

Australian Blue tongue lizard ancestor was round-in-the-tooth

Flinders University

Reconstruction of the most complete fossil lizard found in Australia, a 15 million year old relative of our modern bluetongues and social skinks named Egernia gillespieae, reveals the creature was equipped with a robust crushing jaw and was remarkably similar to modern lizards.

30-Apr-2019 11:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 712131

May is our nation’s first ever National Stop the Bleed Month

American College of Surgeons (ACS)

May is the first ever National Stop the Bleed Month, featuring training courses around the country to teach bleeding control techniques to the general public and empower them with the skills and knowledge to assist severely bleeding persons.

30-Apr-2019 12:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 712126

Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees elects Richard Gray, M.D., CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees has elected Richard Gray, M.D., as CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

30-Apr-2019 11:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 712080

Vanderbilt Poll: Nashville residents uneasy about growth

Vanderbilt University

Three-quarters of residents of the South's "It City" are souring on the rapid pace of growth and say they want their tax dollars to go toward something other than business development.

30-Apr-2019 8:30 AM EDT

Law and Public Policy

Article ID: 712057

New research reveals the social communication challenges of aging with autism

Arizona State University (ASU)

The research team found that older adults with autism report more social communication difficulties than younger adults with autism. Using brain scans, they were able to determine that areas of the brain related to social communication, cognition and executive functions thinned more quickly with age in adults with autism than those without.

29-Apr-2019 1:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 712033

Measles Outbreak Prompts Physician Recommendations, Support for Vaccinations

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham infectious disease and primary care experts urge the public to know their vaccination status and educate themselves on the dangers of the measles, as continued outbreaks in more states are anticipated in the coming weeks. Today, the Tennessee Department of Health reported to the Alabama Department of Public Health that an individual with a confirmed measles case traveled through Alabama on April 11 and made two stops during the infectious period, raising the likelihood that measles could appear in the state.

29-Apr-2019 10:45 AM EDT
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    26-Apr-2019 2:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 711913

Scientists unlock new role for nervous system in regeneration

Tufts University

A computational model of flatworm regeneration starts to answer the question – what signals determine the rebuilding of specific anatomical structures in regeneration? The model predicts and confirms factors determining body pattern formation, and the critical role nerve fibers play in determining polarity in regeneration.

25-Apr-2019 10:30 AM EDT

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