Newswise — Dr. Daoru (Frank) Han, whose research involves simulations of plasma interactions with the surface of the Moon, is available to discuss the Japanese space agency's recent announcement that its Selenological and Engineering Explorer (Selene) has discovered an enormous cave beneath the lunar surface that could be turned into an exploration base for astronauts.

Han is an assistant professor of aerospace engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). His research interests include studies of the plasma-surface interactions on the Moon and asteroids and those bodies' potential use as future exploration bases.

Han holds a Ph.D. in astronautics from the University of Southern California. His latest research paper, "A 3D immersed finite element method with non-homogeneous interface flux jump for applications in particle-in-cell simulations of plasma-lunar surface interactions," was published in September 2016 in the Journal of Computational Physics.

Journalists wishing to contact Han should contact Andrew Careaga at 573-578-4420 or email [email protected]