Newswise — Superparamagnetic particles have been utilized extensively in diagnostics and other research applications for the purification of cells and biomolecules, such as antibodies, nucleic acids, and polypeptides. They confer a number of benefits, including ease of separation and suitability for automation. When coated with recognition molecules, magnetic microspheres are ideal for the efficient capture and separation of target. Unwanted sample constituents may be washed away following a simple magnetic separation step.

Bangs Laboratories is proud to present our newest magnetic particle offering Magnefy™. Magnefy™  are encapsulated core-shell ~1µm magnetic particles with a carboxylate-modified coating that offer high surface area and high surface titer with a rapid uniform magnetic response profile. Magnefy™  are scaleable and automation-friendly.

You can rest easy knowing that Magnefy™ received a wide range of stress tests from our team of scientists to ensure they can tolerate a host of molecular biology processing conditions without jeopardizing bead integrity. We tested particle diameter, aggregation, magnetic separation, and exposed iron content under various extremes of salt, pH, guanidine, temperature and water washes. Magnefy™ were able to withstand these extremes as well as the competitors. They also stack up well against the competition for isolating DNA without breaking the bank.

Bangs Laboratories’ 30 years of experience in microsphere synthesis and fine particle analysis have established us as a leading manufacturer of polymer, silica and magnetic microspheres to diagnostic companies and instrument manufacturers. We understand what it takes to get new assays and instruments to market, and we have the products and the know-how to support you in your development process. We manufacture at scales that will carry you from R&D through production, and under an ISO 13485:2016 Quality System that will meet your regulatory needs. Our dyeing, coating and surface modification capabilities are demonstrated in our specialty products for bioseparations and instrument standardization, and we are also pleased to offer custom formulations, concentrations, and packaging. Stop by booth# 412 and let us put our decades of real-world experience to work for you!


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