Newswise – Seven out of 10 journalists investigated in the Newswise study had user profiles on LinkedIn, and 42% of them responded to requests to connect via the social networking site. Among the journalists who replied to the survey, 75% confirmed that they use LinkedIn and gave detailed responses about their attitudes and perceptions of the value of social networking. In spite of this widespread participation, a majority of respondents indicated that the value of LinkedIn was unclear.

In analyzing journalists' ambivalent attitudes about LinkedIn, a significant number of respondents had difficulty with the fundamental process of connecting with others on the site. Only 30% of respondents were able to accurately identify and share the address to their own personal profile.

Among journalists with LinkedIn profiles, only 1 in 4 respondents expressed an opinion about the value of social networking in general, with 13% finding value, and 12% finding none. The remaining 75% were undecided or neutral. In other words, 88% of LinkedIn users had found value or were neutral about the value of social networking.

Comparing LinkedIn users with non-users, the negative attitudes among journalists on LinkedIn were lower than those who did not have a profile. Among non-users, 61% responded with negative attitudes about social networking.

With a majority of journalists already participating in LinkedIn, the 88% of journalists surveyed that either had found value or at least had not formed a negative opinion about social networking are a positive sign of journalists being open to finding more uses out of social media. And, those who had yet to try social networking were more likely to have a negative opinion without actually experiencing it for themselves. These findings help to identify three areas for improvement in how Newswise uses social networking to interact with journalists:

1. Easier connections2. Demonstrating value to those already participating3. Enticing non-users to give social networking a try

Newswise President and founder Roger Johnson said, “the study demonstrates that journalists are participating on Linkedin, have not yet experienced value, but are receptive to new tools there.”

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