As the first company obtained CNAS medical reference laboratory accreditation in China, Maker provide hundreds of high-quality products to satisfy the different needs from customers. The scientific design, comprehensive development, highest standards of quality of Maker, not only guarantee the reliability of test results, but also meet the requirements of reducing cost.

Maker biomedical reference laboratory obtained the accreditation standards CNAS-CL01 (ISO/IEC17025) "the competence of testing and Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Criteria", CNAS-CL32 (ISO/IEC15195) "laboratory medicine reference measurement laboratory specific accreditation requirements", CNAS-CL33 "Application of the competence of testing and calibration laboratory accreditation criteria in clinical enzymology reference measurement field description" and other relevant rules, guidelines and instructions.

Laboratory Accreditation in the domestic and international is widely regarded as the reliability of the technical and management capacities, accredited laboratory in a certain field reflects the quality level of a country in this field. Acceptance of the project report usually with accreditation body identification and authorized person signature, mutual recognition in the domestic and international. Terminal customers can inquire Laboratory Accreditation of testing or calibration project, and its scope or uncertainty in the CNAS website. To make sure the test or calibration laboratory data is correct and reliable. According to the requirements of CNAS-R01 “if the calibration certificates issued by accredited calibration laboratory is used for testing laboratory, the GB/T19001/ISO9001 quality management system certification organizations establish measurement traceability system, the calibration certificate shall take the accreditation logo.”

The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) is the highest authority of international institutions of laboratory accreditation, more than 40 national laboratory accreditation agencies signed a protocol for ILAC multilateral agreement, including Chinese National Accreditation (CNAS).