Charlottesville, VA (March 1, 2021). The March issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 50, No. 3 []) presents 17 articles and two editorials on women leaders in neurosurgery across the globe. The papers cover issues specific to women in neurosurgery as well as biographies of numerous women leaders in the field.

Topic editors: Gail L. Rosseau, Shelly D. Timmons, Karin M. Muraszko, Katharine J. Drummond, Mary Murphy, Nelci Zanon, and Farideh Nejat


Contents of the March issue:

  • “Introduction. International women leaders in neurosurgery: past, present, and future” by Gail L. Rosseau et al.
  • “Editorial. International women leaders in neurosurgery: past, present, and what the future must look like” by Sarah Olson et al.
  • “Increases in female academic productivity and female mentorship highlight sustained progress in previously identified neurosurgical gender disparities” by Birra Taha et al.
  • “Editorial. Female authorship in neurosurgical journals: what remains to be done” by Shelly D. Timmons
  • “International trends in grant and fellowship funding awarded to women in neurosurgery” by Kimberly Wang et al.
  • “Women’s role in neurosurgical research: is the gender gap improving?” by Marta Pastor-Cabeza et al.
  • “The gender gap in European neurosurgical conference presentations” by Julie Woodfield et al.
  • “Investing in the future: a call for strategies to empower and expand representation of women in neurosurgery worldwide” by Samantha J. Sadler et al.
  • “The progression of diversity: Black women in neurosurgery” by Jean-Paul Bryant et al.
  • “Slow progress in the visibility of women in neurosurgery in the United States: opportunity for improvement” by Aruna Ganju et al.
  • “Neurosurgeons in 2020: the impact of gender on neurosurgical training, family planning, and workplace culture” by Jasmine A. Thum et al.
  • “Women neurosurgeons around the world: a systematic review” by Tina Lulla et al.
  • “Cross-sectional analysis of women in neurosurgery: a Canadian perspective” by Catherine Veilleux et al.
  • “Women in neurosurgery: where does the United Kingdom stand?” by Meriem Amarouche et al.
  • “History of African women in neurosurgery” by Claire Karekezi et al.
  • “History of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS)” by Alia Hdeib et al.
  • “Yoko Kato: the silent warrior of neurosurgery” by Abhidha Shah
  • “Resiliency of a perpetual optimist: neurosurgeon Dr. Linda Liau” by Jasmine A. Thum
  • “Biographies of international women leaders in neurosurgery” by Stephanie M. Casillo et al. 

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